Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Monday, March 27, 2017

Another Trumpworld Grab Bag

I just want to point out that this weekend is another weekend where President Trump visited a couple of his golf courses to hit the links and schmooze in familiar surroundings, like he does most weekends since he became president, and Fox Mushroom Farm is being a little less than honest in pretending that he literally spent the whole weekend at the White House. There is photographic proof he did not. Just because he went to the golf course that he owns closest to the White House does not mean he worked at the White House. He smacked a little white ball around. And I get that Republicans have very little trouble with Trump always being golfing. So Eisenhower! Very suburban! Oddly, they never liked to see Barack Obama smacking little white balls around.

But you know, this is Fox News, after all, the official sponsor of saying stuff out loud that Trump doesn't want folks to know came from him, except that you do. Sean Hannity, a very special Fox News personality, got told by one Ted Koppel just what he thinks of him. He's bad. (I note that Sean Hannity came off a bit defensive and threw a "with all due respect" in there like we don't know what that means--bless his heart.) It shouldn't be anything but transparent that Hannity is not merely an opinion-journalist (if you want to call it journalism) but an extreme partisan (and if you want to call that "propagandist", in my book, you go on ahead). I am reminded of the time Jon Stewart told Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala that their version of "Crossfire" wasn't helping anything at all. Except Koppel isn't a comedian who does news, but a guy who did straight news his whole career. And if Hannity wants to pretend this is some so-called "liberal media" figure he just dissed, nope. Just nope.

So, what did we learn about Trumpworld beyond Trump being a club-ass duffer for life? Well, the national security chief he fought to make a legal NSA and then apparently fired or accepted the resignation of, General Michael Flynn, probably was in the room talking about how the US could sweep up and extradite Fethullah Gulen, just like a loyal paid man for Turkey would. (Whether Devin Nunes, also a part of the Trump transition team and a supporter, was in the room, I read once but don't feel is substantiated. So try not to imagine he was in the room. That might help.) That is not a legal thing to talk about, kidnapping a person in the US to throw him to another government because you got paid. Michael Flynn is starting to sound like one mercenary bugger.

Speaking of mercenary--you might recall how Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel seemed kind of frosty? Seems like she might have also been presented a bill because Trump and his team suspected that somehow, Germany (home of Landstuhl Regional Medical Center) is goldbricking when it comes to international security because he hasn't any idea how NATO works. He has probably p-o'd China, Japan, France, Australia, the UK, and I don't know who all else, but this thing with Germany is pretty weird. He's like the Basil Fawlty of diplomacy. He is omnincompetent.

But let's not forget Trump has a family--like Jared Kushner, who might be heading up a thing called a SWAT team of business consultants. That just seems stupid. calling it a SWAT team is just stupid. It is bad and these idiots should feel bad. Proposing something called that actually negates anything good they could even ever think of. It definitely suggests that business mentalities should be kept at a distance from government practices.

And let's not forget Trump's week involves another little kick in the gut to LGBT people--you know, who he said he'd be so great for after the Pulse nightclub shooting, even though he picked Mike Pence for his running mate? Well, Neil Gorsuch also isn't such a prize for Team RainbowFlag. But wait--he's got worse--he picked an anti-LGBT activist for his HHS civil rights office.

He's a bigot and an incompetent, and potentially treasonous, but mostly a liar. So there are those things.

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

It's amazing, the lengths that they go to to make this dimwit seem presidential... and still they are failing. I wonder how far they will carry water for Trump now that he's going after the 'Freedom' Caucus.