Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Friday, March 31, 2017

This all feels significant, somehow.

We're used to waking up and finding that Donald Trump has poured out some measure of grievance via Twitter--which I think by now he should be a bit wary of after his March 4 Tweet storm basically defined this month. (Only a month?--Yes. I know.) And his grouse about NYT was rewarded later that day with a story that Rep. Nunes' odd intelligence that suggested the wiretapping claims weren't entirely crap (although they still seem to be) came from inside the White House.

Also, former NSA General Flynn is looking to testify under immunity because he has an interesting story to tell. I am sure.

Personal things have kept me from regular blogging this week, but these two items seem significant. The first odd thing is that the "wiretapping" story evolved into a weird couple weeks' clowning of Rep. Nunes, casting doubt on his ability to chair an investigation of the president's connection to the Russian interference in the election (especially when it seems that he considers Trump his "boss") and the second is that Flynn was very vocal about how immunity requests implied certain guilt with respects to people who requested the same regarding the Clinton email investigation. And here he is.


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