Thursday, March 30, 2023

TWGB: Finally!


Trump truly respects the Grand Jury that returned a vote for indictment on a whopping 34 counts against him, so I don't really understand what all the consternation is about, because they were definitely not a rubber stamp and extremely listened to the legal scholars. Are we supposed to believe this is a witch hunt now, after Trump already admitted it was no such thing? Honestly! What these good citizens determined was that Donald Trump should get his day in COURT to DEFEND HIMSELF against the charges and bring the evidence that the WITCH HUNT is VERY BOGUS AND BAD!

Am I being wry? Yeah. I just yesterday said Bragg might be pulling an okey-doke by making like the indictment was far in the future, and I've been talking about how this case is dead simple and also not--because Trump is very bad and his situation looks very bad. When I hear 34 counts, I know the Pecker vault is open and there is more to the story. But Trump's defenders aren't hearing what a normal person would:

Are we supposed to believe there is a two-tiered legal system where it is a White, politically connected male whole ass billionaire, who is disadvantaged by our current legal system? Like, is he definitely being served by one lone public defender who has no access to the media or any other venue but the court where this civil servant is working x number of other cases, and tries to make Trump plead instead of fucking up the court system for the next umpteen years instead of lawyers who for whatever reason think they are being paid to go on Fox News, OANN and Newsmax all the time to try this case in the court of public opinion and maybe create civil chaos? 

Yeah, that's mental. What Trump also has in his corner is R. Congressmen who have his back as much as they did during his first impeachment, his 2020 election loss (that they challenged) and his second impeachment. They don't apparently give a fuck about the law, the Constitution they swore an oath to just as much as he did and violated it or the very concept of the rule of law and the idea that no one should be above the law. 

But once again: are we supposed to believe that Trump is somehow the disadvantaged one here? The former president, the billionaire, the twice impeached, the admitted pussy-grabber, the seditionist backed by Putin? 

If you think he's the disadvantaged one, Crimea River. I mean. literally, because his whole TWGB story is how Russia backed his stupid, very corrupt, extraordinarily suspect ass for president so they could go ahead and do the Ukraine invasion. And they are doing it with him not in office anyway and it is not going well for them. But we know what they were about. And FWIW, the Cohen/Stormy Daniels story was revealed as a part of the Mueller investigation, which wasn't a total flop, no matter how Barr tried to make it one. 

Trump isn't the sad little put-upon one here, he's a monster who has used his extraordinary resources to abuse the system time and again. He's the big deal guy who never confronted consequences before. He wasn't indicted by the DA by himself, but by the grand jury who heard the case (in summary) that was going to be presented. The actual full case might be worse because things in TrumpWorld are. Worse. Always Worse. 

The creatures in the GOP supporting Trump are signaling that the rule of law means nothing to them, and they are violating their own oaths of office to support a guy who has not earned that level of trust. Ron DeSantis has even implied that he as governor of Florida would violate established precedent and not permit the extradition of his 2024 GOP presidential primary rival, whose legal team has already admitted they would surrender. This is a violation of his oath of office with respects to the Constitution, and I am glad he made his position clear before ever using his fake face to make such an oath again. Even though we know he is the main political benefactor of any Trump legal issues

(Smooth move, ExLax.) 


Ten Bears said...

Gitmo ... ASAP

Jimmy T said...

Well, at least he will now have the opportunity to join the J-6 choir...

Grung_e_Gene said...


"We get a traitor like TRUMP, a dirty rotten traitor, who by the way when he deserted, six young beautiful people were killed trying to find him. And you don’t even hear about him anymore. Somebody said the other day, well, he had some psychological problems. You know, in the old days ……bing – bong. When we were strong, when we were strong."

Vixen Strangely said...

Gene I do wonder whether he's going out pure mental (either because he is losing it or it's the refuge beyond religion, patriotism, and violence--an insanity plea) but he used to do this back on Twitter all the time--I would call it going "Boom!" because he was ventilating his emotional boiler in front of everybody to keep from really unravelling. How the history books are going to cover the embarrassment of this freaking weirdo without it being an indictment of our whole era just escapes me.

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