Wednesday, March 29, 2023

TWGB: The Doldrums


I don't know if this is anyone else's experience here in the longform blog community, but my engagement stats are in the doldrums, and I think it has a little bit a lot to do with the waiting. We're waiting on the indictments we feel like we were promised. But the chief purveyor of the arrest threat against Donald Trump came from Donald Trump for his own team's clicks, likes, and of course, remunerative values, and our hopes getting up was only a sideshow. 

But I do love getting my hopes up. I never set my sights on last Tuesday. That seemed a lot like forcing a response from the Trump brethren and cistern (is that not the right term?) and not really a signal to us lefties. But I want Trump to get a comeuppance. It is about the idea of justice being for all for me, and also for his fanclub understanding that his transgressions are not some hoax or joke but are real. I follow MSNBC lawyer folks and pretend Glenn Kirschner isn't blowing smoke up my skirt that we are gonna get a "Trump gets his time in the barrel", and yet there's a planned monthly break through most of April and I can't stand it. 

Why? Tell us we aren't getting an indictment now and fucking rip the Band-Aid off, Bragg you SOB, if that's how it is! Unless, unless, unless, unless...there's more to the story.  And I can't pretend I know, and I also can see a "strategery" behind postponing an indictment for a guy who tried to force the announcement of one. To get him when he expects it least. 

Tom Petty was right. The waiting is the hardest part. Maybe there are reasons, but part of my psyche feels so invested in it I am heartbroken at delays in any bad news for my bete noire. And yet I still find hope in the opinions of folks who might know more

But allons-y. Did you know that Fox News, Trump's biggest campaign helper, mostly knew he didn't win in 2020 and lied about it anyway because some of their on-air talent were scum and some are actually batshit crazy? Like, Ingraham and Carlson and Hannity are scum, and Maria Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro are post-compost mentos?  Because this seems to be a really real problem that Fox News had, that they knew the various election fraud conspiracy theories were bullshit, but they also elevated Pirro and never slapped down Bartiromo over the weird conspiracy theories that are basically shameful to pretend to believe. 

Because of their ratings. They deliberately spread false information to make their fans happy. They lied, and unlike the Seth Rich conspiracy theory where they just settled, maybe this time they get revealed as the purveyors of whole-ass lies that they really are. Maybe this time, despite the reasons they have not settled this time around, people catch on that they are not a news organization, but a whole propaganda machine. They knew (Tucker Carlson especially and scatologically) that Sidney Powell was batshit, but they hosted her anyway. Their internal info says they did not believe there was "mass cheat" but they promulgated that lie nonetheless.

They supported Mike Lindell not because he had even a glimmer of being right about anything, but because he was a big sponsor.  The $ was malice enough. 

I know this is the spring of our discontent, made stupid because we were supposed to get a whole-ass indictment if not a perp-walk by now, but I see some warning signs in the road ahead for TrumpWorld, that they might not yet be hearing. The TriumpWorld support system is collapsing. The future might not belong to Trump fluffers and partisans. 

The takeaway--more signs that the Trump 2020 "win" was a lie. To defeat TrumpWorld is to defuse their biggest lies, and the voter fraud lie is the biggest. And they never proved it and it is illogical. 

We can do better, and when we elected Biden, we began to. There is a future after Trump. The doldrums are an opportunity for his partisans to wake up. 


Ten Bears said...

I'm still waiting for my flying car.

I'm pretty ambivalent about our spring of discontent boiling out into violence. Should have been done long ago.

Jimmy T said...

Yeah, the doldrums, but at least we're not on a sailing ship off the coast of some god forsaken continent somewhere. I'm still hopeful that justice will be done, and yeah, I'm a little impatient as well. At the very least, history will not be kind to TFG...

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