Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The TrumpWorld Grab-Bag Mama Warned You About

Deep down inside, Trump probably won't understand why what John Brennan said about what he saw as a reasonable predicate for the FBI probe into Russian interference is damning in roughly the same way as he failed to realize how former DNI James Clapper's testimony did not mean that there was no particular investigation into his own involvement in the Russian incursion into our US presidential elections. I have begun to understand that President Trump is way too close to the idea of his election as president to acknowledge anything at all that might have been hinky about it--except for his own self-concocted theory that shit was rigged against himself.

So maybe  President Trump won't understand why the latest and greatest scoop disqualifies his Attorney General  from any old thing at all, not just a recusal from investigation into any Trump/Russia intrigue as his confirmation hearing shortfall resulted in.  He just might be enough of a concerned business man to understand why Democrats want a look at his Deutsche Bank loan history.  Who Trump owes money to is a way more interesting study than what he might be invested in. Maybe friends like Manafort and Flynn meant access by Russia, indirectly. But financial leverage might mean something quite else.

I feel like the investigation is getting so very close, now. We can almost ignore how terrible everything his policies stand for might be--except don't do that. They are still terrible, and all the reasons we need to not even trust the GOP. Ever.

In other news, a fake document influenced former FBI Director Comey to try and not make things seem like they were Clinton- centric. This is really weird.

So many things seem to have been weighing against the Clinton candidacy. It's like things were never rigged against Trump at all.

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