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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Reaping the Whirlwind

There isn't a lot that feel optimistic about, because ultimately, this is situation in in the hands of the Trump Administration, and I just have doubts about their priorities and especially where Trump's head is. Trump isn't strategic, he's reactionary. Trump's blowing up of the Iran deal wasn't strategic, for example, but because it was "Obama's plan" (even if it was a multilateral deals years in the making). Abandoning the Kurds to Turkey showed no strategy. And there's a real risk things can get worse because, as a wise person once said, "he can be baited with a Tweet."

So what kind of provocation does this look like to someone who already has other things on his mind?

That was what was on his mind first thing this morning. He might be a little bit wrong about the benefit of a trial with witnesses to himself given the recent New York Times story that goes deep on Mulvaney, Pompeo and others in his inner circle knowing about his intention to stop the aid to Ukraine, and might not be fully mindful that the results of the dismissal of the Kupperman case regarding subpoenas means that Bolton et als are more likely to be compelled to testify, but that's because, I think, Trump has never internalized that he really can be found at fault for his own foul-ups, that they can be indelible and have lasting effects.

That's bad enough for a person reckoning with the political results of his conduct. But as for the results of his conduct with respect to our relationships with other countries, and the mission of our military and diplomatic forces? I wish there was more evidence that he thought hard and long about such things. He's not the one who directly catches the blowback.

UPDATE: You can see his eyes are really on the ball, here:

Not the little white ball he wanted to smack around the greens today, but the Senate trial he is demanding. And if that how he wants it, well? I reckon he'll get it.

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