Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Trumpworld Grab-Bag

You know what? I feel like I could play "connect the dots" with all the weird gush of Trumpworld stories that seem to be connected, but it's kind of tiring. I don't have the mental focus for stuff like this. I am working on crocheting a lovely purple, white and lavender bedspread. I have a full-time job and a spouse. I'm finally getting around to reading the Anne of Green Gables series. I could choose life. I've already substituted about 60% of my previous wine consumption with soothing tisanes. I don't want to be the weirdo in the basement with the wall of tantalizing "dots" connected with yarn.

On the other hand, when the guy who led chants of "Lock her up" accusing former Sec of State Hillary Clinton of treason turns out to have accepted a smidge over half a mill to work on behalf of Turkey, and it seems that the Trump campaign (and later, the Trump administration) seems to have known about it and had no trouble with it--that's weird. It's not really just a matter of "paperwork" as Press Secretary Sean Spicer alleges--see, in my current job I, too, would have to fill out paperwork if I was moonlighting outside of my day job. If I was working in my present capacity, and also for an accounting firm, let's say--that's not okay. If, when I was working for Staples, Inc., I also took a job at Office Depot, that too, would be really frowned on. But somehow Gen. Flynn was working for Turkey and a US presidential campaign and as a future/current NSA. That's weird. It's also super coincidental that Flynn paid a retired FBI agent involved in the October Clinton email kerfuffle for research related to his Turkish consulting gig.

I can't really compute the math on that--but, what are the odds?

Roger Stone--there's another guy whose storyline seems a little hinky.  Was he in contact with Guccifer 2.0?  Or did he have a perfectly cromulent back channel connection with WikiLeaks?  It's sort of a puzzlement, but I've never really felt that Stone was far removed from the Trump campaign, and, like Rudy Giuliani and RT, Stone seemed to be apprised of what was fixing to drop (WikiLeaks or FBI leaks) before it actually did.

But why have backdoor connections to Wikileaks when you can just show up at the front door of the Ecuadoran embassy like Trump's good buddy Nigel Farage just did. And he seems to have had ties with Assange going back for some time.

See--weirdness. I don't want to connect the dots--I'm using my yarn for an afghan. But it is pretty odd.

In other oddness, Steve Bannon, man of no fixed address, apparently pretended to live with his felonious ex to commit tax fraud and/or voter fraud.  The residence had padlocks on the internal doors and acid destroyed the bathtub, which sounds really freaking interesting, but I feel like, since we can't establish that he was living there, I also can't entertain the possibility that people were being locked up in his rented house or that bodies were being dissolved in the tub there or anything. Shame, because that really would be interesting. Not good. But lurid AF. (Less luridly, he was all kinds of allegedly violating campaign finance laws during the Trump campaign, which is more related to Trumpworld.)

Also Paul Manafort may have had people killed.  Yeah. I've literally got nothing there. Ripping good story though.

There's an awful lot of WTF here, is all I'm saying. But I'm not crafting a conspiracy narrative. Not me. Nuh-uh.

UPDATE: Also this weird server between the Trump Organization and possibly Alfa Bank, which was sort of considered bullshit in October? Is apparently now a not-exactly bullshit thing. So weird.

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