Friday, August 11, 2023

TWGB: Many Whistles


I think tomorrow if things go as scheduled, Trump's lawyers will be discussing whether there are things that Trump should just shut the fuck up about, but the picture I've used is a sweaty man, a saline-injected rotisserie chicken, suddenly finding himself turning on a spit in the supermarket of justice alarmed at the constant heat. He's not going to not talk. He projects, he rages, he confesses. He's a tea kettle on boil. He seethes. 

He whistles. 

Who else whistles? Whistleblowers. We have one recently, an FBI agent who maintains that investigations into TrumpWorld were suppressed, especially the ones involving Rudy Giuliani (who I think foreign ops used like a human dead drop since he's basically just a hollow dignity wraith wandering the earth looking for relevance), Russian money, corruption. things that didn't make TrumpWorld look good. And Charles McGonigal is implicated, which makes nothing but sense to me

Look, I've been of the opinion all this while that the scary thing isn't the FBI ever going after Trump, but what the hell it took to get them to do it. But there's more to it than the FBI being reticent--there's the politics. The easy access to the real string-pullers in the US--for just a little payola. I mean, think about what could have happened if, say, the Supreme Court was truly corrupt and not the wee bit that it is

Imagine a world where Trump's campaign didn't get 60+ rejections for its insane claims (that Trump wants to have broadcasted in his 1/6 trial, which we could be seeing as soon as 1/2/24). I don't want to, but I have imagined it, and the second season of the White House Apprentice would have been (or will be) double-plus ungood. 

Sometimes the whistles are sirens, though. 

The FBI slaying of this Killford Brimley-looking dude in Utah happened because Trump's stooges think they are above the law. He's no more a martyr than Ashli Babbit--just a pawn in a gross PR campaign of a life-long extremely privileged criminal. But his violent reality, and the denials/defenses of the MAGA crowd, are sirens. The 2020 harassment of election workers is just a snip of what Trump supporters have felt emboldened to do. 

Right now, Trump is running an inflammatory ad in the Atlanta tv market. What's he trying to do here, exactly

Sometimes Trump's whistles are dog whistles, but that feels defamatory to dogs. Suffice it to say, when I consider the security that people who are charged with bringing Trump to justice face, whether they are Judge Chutkan or Judge Cannon, I, the miltant agnostic, pray for them a little. Because it takes courage to make a determination of right and wrong with the entire country on the line, let alone with facing personal threats as a side course. 

I want them to do justice, because it really is a public necessity. An historic example. The whistling in the dark when a country fears that authoritarianism is on the horizon, and could be stopped with just a few great decisions. 

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