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Monday, September 26, 2016

Is Trump a Useful Idiot?

It certainly is fascinating that, some time after the ousting of Paul Manafort, it's just now that US intelligence agencies might be considering looking into the doings of Carter Page. Being invested in Gazprom and against the sanctions against Russia kind of make it seem like he isn't interested so much in how US interests play out there, as his own portfolio. That's not actually cool.

It's not quite entirely clear what the young (well, my age) Mr. Page brings to the table as a foreign policy advisor, as he is a relative unknown.  We try to keep the hope alive, do we not, that a person not uniquely outfitted with the education or life experiences to completely perform the duties of the office of the presidency will still somehow nominate really great, informed people about him or herself  to better equip the executive team in handling all that comes across their table--

And no. Carter Page, like any of the other deplorables since jettisoned, isn't actually a great pick. If he's getting any info regarding energy policy from him, for example, as a topic that does deal with international trade and protection, things like talking about fracking in this particular way seems extra dumb.

He hopefully doesn't think Putin is an actually strong political figure to emulate, either. But he's said worse things about Mark Cuban than he has about Putin.

But so what if a major Trump advisor is possibly serving as a backchannel to Russia in contravention of any standard of national security, in a way that, if any finances could be connected to it, be considered rank treason and most likely should?

Is that really somehow more damaging than what might be in Hillary's emails?

Huh. Tend your own grease-fire, Trump campaign. I suspect it could be going places.

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