Thursday, June 1, 2023

TWGB: Trump Has Some Explaining To Do


Now, it might seem like I'm writing a TrumpWorld Grab-Bag because I can't find a hook for the debt ceiling vote that took place, and you'd be exactly right! I hate writing about debt ceiling brinkmanship because it feels a little like "Hey let's pretend we're about to violate the Constitution and shiv the economy to let people know who the real patriots are." 

That's insane, right? Like undermining the courts or the DOJ, or defunding law enforcement or pretending our elections are rigged, all without real proof, this is kind of seditious, you know? And it doesn't really surprise me that the same MAGA Freedom Caucus who did wild stuff like support not certifying Biden's win and some of whom even asked for pardons from Trump? Are down with hijacking the cockpit and bringing our economy down, Flight 93 style

They are ideological terrorists. I don't think you could persuade them that fucking up the US economy is wrong because it hurts their constituents and even has ripples in the entire world economy. They have stockpiled guns and freeze-dried beanie-weinies.  They feel good. They are waiting on some kind of political rapture. Maybe that looks like the Second Coming of Trump. I'm not even a good Christian, and that feels all kinds of blasphemous to me. 

So let's talk about Trump, last seen shuffling documents he definitely looked at around Mar-A-Lago and which he might have even moved to or from Bedminster. We now have the insight that the lawyer who drafted a letter saying "we checked for these docs", Evan Corcoran, was waved off of looking for docs in Trump's office. But it was cool, because Christine Bobb signed off that the searches that didn't fully take place did, which was why there were still classified docs to be found. 

It turns out we can know that Trump knew what he had and whether it was classified or not because it also can also be traced to an audio recording? Lordy, there's tapes?  Anyway, he referenced discussion of an attack on Iran, which is exactly the kind of thing you don't want to spread about but Trump was sad he couldn't. He was mad at Milley for telling him doing a whole war because he was mad was stupid, and he was predictable.  A toddler who can't hear "No."

Just like he couldn't hear "No," from Esper over the Insurrection Act. Or? As Jack Smith is investigating, couldn't hear "NO" regarding the election that wasn't rigged from Chris Krebs. Which would have upended his entire pretext for any uprising on his behalf. 

Anyway, the thing to know is, Trump knew he had classified docs, knew how they were supposed to be properly declassified, and knew he didn't do that with respects to what he had on hand. He had grievances he intended to get paid in full, but the one who has to pay for his stupidity is him.

Because yes, there's a great case for obstruction, which is totally supporting the underlying espionage crime of Trump having docs post his time in office, knowing what they were, retaining them, trying to hide that he was retaining them, and so forth. 

I hope he is charged for all of the above. He doesn't appreciate the damage he did to this country by what he did, and his little fan club might not, but I sure do. He tried to wreck every institution we have worth having. He still means to. 

UPDATE: And the pretext for violence and relationships with those likely to do it have been maintained. 


Jimmy T said...

Trump has gotten away with a lot of crap over the many years he's been around, but this case with him on audio may just be enough to bring him down. I've never been more confident that this case will be the finale of him. It's been a long time in coming...

PRW said...

"Flight 93 style"? Later Trumpery has more been Flight 976 style.

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