Friday, June 2, 2023

The Debt Ceiling Crisis Has Been Averted


I need you to know, first and foremost, I hate this shit in theory. The debt ceiling thing should not exist. We should just pay our debts the way the Constitution says we must. If we are concerned about spending, the Congress should act on this with an actual budget that reduces spending and perhaps, and this the important part--considers raising revenues by going for the people who have money. 

But I am very happy that the Democratic House Members under the leadership of Hakeem Jeffries agreed to a bitter debt ceiling deal that was not clean, and that the Democratic Senate also voted to avert a financial catastrophe. The next debt ceiling deadline is in 2025--when maybe a second Biden term will have an even better hand to work with. 

We need to give Shalanda Young from OMB her flowers, because she was a crucial negotiator in this battle. She was determined not to let this default happen. 

And let's really bask in the accomplishments of the Biden economy. Record low unemployment. And a significant lowering of inflation over last year. 

I don't understand anyone wanting to fuck up a good deal for Americans.  I don't understand rooting for failure. I think patriotism is when you want your countrymen and women to do well, right? And I think the side that doesn't do that is...problematic. Maybe they should even be unelectable. Because I don't think anyone should be rewarded for any attempt to screw up the economy upon which so many depend. It is too serious a thing for silly assholes to play games with. 


Dan Kleiner said...

"War is simply the continuation of political intercourse with the addition of other means."

after jan. 6th, there's no doubt we're at war. it's a cold war (for now) but it's definitely a war. tang the conqueror and his fascist minions seek nothing less than the end of the american experiment.

they were willing to crack the economy because historically fascists thrive in chaos, fascism grows during depressions and a debt ceiling default would serve as an example that their hated enemy, the federal government is incompetent and entirely useless.

it really pisses me off how they think threatening to explode the world economy unless there are severe cuts to programs for the poor every time a democrat sits @1600 is a sound negotiating posture. it terrifies me how many people will be immiserated or incarcerated if the fascist gop ever regains the trifecta.

i fear if that happens? with this gop? time to close up shop. we're done. america is done.

Vixen Strangely said...

The next battle is the budget this fall and the idea they might try for a government shutdown because the confused "patriots" think they both love America, the idea and can hate America, the government, because it doesn't always agree with them in every respect. I have long been pissed about the pretend constitutional conservatives, who are almost always Christian Nationalists, who say stupid shit like "If a man doesn't work, neither shall he eat" as if that meant babies and the elderly had to pitch in. That was a favorite quote of Vladimir Lenin who killed his millions, and it was Jesus who said the lilies of the field they toil not, neither do they spin.

The one who doesn't eat doesn't work, because he starves, and a Christian (clearly not of the Matthew Gospel kind), Jason Matera recently suggested some people deserve to starve.

This is not good theology or good economics. The people you let starve, the people you fail along the way, are people who can't produce. Their contributions are lost. They become a millstone around the neck of society for they were denied their due. But everyone has value. Republicans don't get that.

The homeless sweeps, the punitive bail system--the poor are criminalized and prevented from living up to their potential. The conservatives even glorified a man choking a homeless person out. They really want people to fail to prove some idea they have about how most people are worthless shits and others are the elect.

There is no good reason to elect people to government positions who hate the government or support public servants who hate the public. It simply makes no sense.

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