Saturday, February 24, 2024

TWGB: Is it Dead Yet?


One might well ask if the House Impeachment clusterfuck is dead yet, but as for my observations of TrumpWorld, I maintain that just because the mule is dead is no reason for fools to stop flogging it so long as they find value in tenderizing the meat.  And that's what this is--red meat. Once the dogs are whipped up, they don't care how gamey it is, so long as they get fed. 

So what if the witness who was indicted for lying to the FBI has been re-arrested after being let go because:

“It has come to this Court’s attention that counsel for defendant has sought an emergency hearing in the District of Nevada to arrange the release of Defendant Smirnov, likely to facilitate his absconding from the United States,” Wright wrote.

Heh. Yeah. that sounds kind of novel, until you realize he has access to millions of dollars and several foreign intelligence contacts.  

So what if Tony Bobulinski's claim that former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson is a liar can be debunked with a photo

"In the shadows of the bleachers, I observed Mark and Tony Bobulinski's interaction through a gap in the vehicles. When they said their goodbyes, I saw Mark hand Tony what appeared to be a folded sheet of paper or a small envelope," Hutchinson wrote in the book.

"Cassidy Hutchinson is an absolute liar and a fraud," Bobulinski told the panel, saying he wasn't wearing a ski mask and that "[Meadows] didn't hand me a single thing."


It might help to know this supposed meeting is part of a good bit of sketchiness on Bobulinski's part, as laid out in detail in a letter from Hunter Biden's lawyer, Abbe Lowell.  

And if none of that grabbed you that there was plenty of reason to question just where all the "dirt" on the Bidens was coming from and whether it should be taken with meat-curing levels of salt, there's this article from Business Insider showing Russian-affiliated sources were trying to "help" the Trump camp with it at least since January 2019 (at the Claremont Institute's gala, your blog author notes, with a snicker).

Why, it is almost like Republicans totally have to go out of their way to NOT notice that accepting at least some of this was like visiting the van down by the river to pet a puppy and eat some candy with that curious drifter. 

Oh well, but Josh Marshall asks the important question as this story continues to unfold: can reporters pay attention to the Russia part or are they conditioned to ignore it (even though it's the goddamn truth)? And that's also my question, because I do these TWGB things because I don't think the media is always putting that picture together, not since the beginning, no matter how obvious it was

I just wouldn't be surprised if the "mule" came back to life. Maybe if the Republicans beat it hard enough, they will get it to dance. God knows they got four years out of "Benghazi"--so this is something to look forward to in a Biden second term. 

(Just as a sidenote, anyone catching a whiff of the Catherine Herridge firing and the seizure of her computers and notes by CBS? I have no transparency into this thing at all, but the timing and some of her previous reporting has me definitely curious, and not in a way entirely unsympathetic to...CBS' newsroom equities., let's put it.) 


Kwark said...

Ignoring the obvious when it comes to both the suspicious origins of the "whistleblower" info about the Bidens AND the nearly incomprehensible "speech" we hear on a daily basis by Trump. Or Biden's too old but *crickets* about Trump's age and infirmities. And so on. I mean, it's what the MSM does, pretty much all the time.

Vixen Strangely said...

The mainstream media has a rotten habit of confusing objective for "fair". They don't want to appear needlessly derogatory to Trump, but all the information about him is objectively derogatory and that's why they say nothing.

I think this has long been true in general of Republican vs. Democratic narratives, but it really seems stark with Trump, especially because he's "worked the refs" (to use a Trumpism) to a degree never seen before! And his fan club is inoculated by his dismissals of the press as "lying" on one side, and conditioned to look for the lopsided thing Fow News calls "fair and balance" coverage on the other.

I would suggest that if the mainstream media can't win with those guys, they just settle on integrity. But they've practiced "both-sidesism" so long, who knows if they even do it consciously anymore?

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