Thursday, February 22, 2024

Which One, Sweetie?


Tulsi Gabbard was everywhere today, and it turns out, she isn't just on the short list for Trump's running mate, she's got a book! With Regnery! What is fun to me is, her Tweet about the book has the above title, and the Amazon picture has a different title:

The difference between "Why I Left the Democratic Party" and "Leave the Democrat Party Behind" is actually pretty unsubtle. The first suggests a personal decision and calls the party the preferred name: Democratic Party. The second version uses "Leave the Democrat Party". This is phrased like a command and a slight--Hey, you! Leave those Democrats

I do believe, and have believed, that Gabbard is a mess. But her "For Love of Country" so stimulates me: Which one? Syria? Russia? She says she left the Democratic party behind--and I am assuming it was because someone made a better offer. A better person than her once quipped that he didn't leave the Democratic Party behind, it left him. But has the Democratic Party changed at all--with respects to civil rights, to diversity and equality and LGBT rights--since she tried to run for the presidential nomination in 2020? 

Ha ha--no. What's happened is that the left woke up to her schtick, but the Republican party is full of Marks and Angles. 

Any wonder Ukraine put her on a list of Russia's  propagandists? She is very confused about what Europe is willing to do or would have to do if Russia has more penetration into Europe--and it will. (So consider this--for people who think it's NATO that forces membership on countries--if you are Moldova, how inclined would you be towards neutrality and what impact would Russia have had in THAT decision? This is everyone in Europe. What would you have to/want to do?)  She thinks Ukraine wanted invading and that US warmongers want to be boots on the ground, instead of simply giving Ukraine the tools they need. (See also Sen. Taterhead at CPAC for blathering misstatement of ALL THE THINGS.) 

I guess the question for me, besides "What country?" is whether I can see Gabbard as Trump's VP--no. Not really. As with Elise Stefanik, she would need a Mar-a-Lago style glow-up, and it's late in the day. Whatever Trump said about Haley's complexion isn't any better with Gabbard's, and then there's her lack of dazzling veneers. I'm not being catty--I'm just telling you what I've observed about Trump. He likes a certain "look".

But you can't say she isn't saying all the RIGHT-WING things. And I still think Hillary Clinton has not ever told one lie on this woman. 

She will be heading a fundraiser for Trump at Mar-A-Lago in March. Call that what you will. 

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