Thursday, July 28, 2022

Republicans Don't Care About Our Veterans


It really looks like Senate Republicans blocked a bill expanding health care coverage to veterans sickened by toxins they were exposed to in the course of their service as a part of a nasty snit-fit because Democrats worked out a climate bill. And I mean, they can cite any other "concern" they pretend to have, but frankly, I think it boils to they are hopping mad Democrats ever have the nerve to be effective. And to be even more frank, this isn't the first time the GOP has screwed vets over. They like the uniforms and the flags and the pomp and the circumstance, but they do not like the accountability of what happens to our soldiers during or after the wars.

I put this in the same category as Republicans not supporting our families or Republicans not supporting women and children.  Republicans have no sense that they should be doing the right thing because it's right, they will easily not do right if they think there is a political benefit in it. They will simply obstruct doing the right thing to "own the libs"

That's a very suspect way to use one's time in office, and I think it should mean Republicans should not be in any office. That's right--every single Republican needs to be understood as part of the problem because they actively reject responsibility for being part of the solution. 

They would not for all the world reject a photo op involving folks in uniform to be seen as patriotic, but right here, they went out of their way to say sick vets are not their concern, because what about the damn Democrats, trying to do something about the environment on the planet we all share. The nerve of them!

Also, maybe they will decide LGBT folks have less rights because still owning libs due to a case of the mads. Exactly how mature adults who are responsible for the laws of a country would work--on Bizzarro world. 

It looks bad because Republicans are bad. Not a single one should stay in office. Not a single one. 


bluzdude said...

Republicans don't really care about anything but the needs of the rich. Everything else is just a way to get people riled up enough to vote against their own financial interests.

Vixen Strangely said...

GOP bandwagons are so obviously for show, a joint effort to popularize the politics of bastardy, that I really don't understand how people standing right in front of the firehose of lies and witnessing the changes don't feel like their puppet strings are being tugged. I am with Driftglass on the idea of reprogrammable meatbags--they wholly don't engage anything like critical thought at all. I live daily with skepticism and doubt just as a normal filtering process of not wanting to swim in mental or political sewerage. They don't ask themselves what it's all for? What are the outcomes? How any of this is supposed to work?

Sometimes I deeply wonder about how they process what they do. Because just fronting bad opinions for money while people suffer is unthinkable to me.

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