Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The Litter Box, Or: WTF is Up With These Weirdos?


I know this is really far down on the list of story priorities, except it isn't really, not when Pizzagate morphed into Q and wankers are trying to storm libraries because gay people are reading stories while dressing in colorful costumes

So, when a handful of people try to tell a tale of kids using litter boxes in schools because they "identify" as an animal, wow.  These rubes are actually running for office. I'm not 100% on this, but I think the litter box thing was operant in a recent post of Matt Schlapp of CPAC when he began: 

"We go in the toilets and we believe God creates boys and girls and guns are legal and murders are rare."

In Kansas, they go in the toilets: in some weird dystopian metropolis, there are kids with bunny ears dropping their pellets in a sandbox set up in the gender neutral lavatory. 

Can real people think this is even a thing? That the sanitary concerns would not be something any reasonable institution would balk at? That parents whose children did their business outside of regular indoor plumbing would not be seeking psychiatric help?  

But above all, that one wouldn't have to go out of one's way* to find pictures of children dressed up as animals (Halloween? Purim? Face-painting at the local carnival? Animals are the least controversial get-ups for kids and for the most part, flipping adorable) to "prove" the alleged litter boxes exist. When I was coming of age, you could get ragged for the cut of your jeans or your shitty bobo sneakers. You'd get shoved into lockers if you were an effeminate-presenting male or harassed if you were a gender non-conforming female. If you just gave a whiff of being poor, depressed, vulnerable. you name it, mean-ass insecure signifying children would make your pitiful ass school-famous. 

If there was a single school with some weird kid (because it would not be more than one) squatting over a improvised people-sized catbox (because the actual pet-sized litter box to child fecal business ratio is out for obvious reasons) to make their fudge, that child would be hounded out of school and on the damn tv shows already. 

It probably started as joke--like the damnable joke in the early 90's about folks so dumb they used their desktop's CD player as a cupholder. Until eventually, there were people saying they knew exactly a situation where this happened. 

Except instead of just being a "Oh gosh folks are so dumb" joke, it's a "non-conforming people shouldn't exist because they are weird" joke. And that isn't actually a joke, at all.

The thing is, God doesn't create boy and girls in the way Matt Schlapp formulates in his Tweet. He's getting at the idea that trans and gay identities are wrong because that isn't how the Bible says we are created ("Male and female He created them"). But genetically and anatomically, we are not the sum of our parts. The idea of self-identity makes a lot of sense for gender when for some people the answer isn't truly clear cut. Our chromosomes aren't our destiny.  ("There is neither male nor female, Greek nor Jew, in Heaven." So there.)

I identify as human, I represent as a fox for blog-anonymity, but I probably would rather be an owl. I'm a cisgender female. I use the toilet. Mine is running even though I changed the flapper a minute ago and I am deeply aggrieved that I have to do further plumbing. But nothing would persuade me a sand box is better.  Really, hardly anyone would. The whole thing is stupid as all hell. 

*UPDATE: Just to update on the "pictures of kids in animal costumes thing" for those who aren't steeping in this mess: the problem with posting and spreading pictures of innocent children at all on on internets is obvious to anyone who understands that children can be exploited, but when we are dealing with the kind of nutters who swat people falsely alleged to be "crisis actors" or any kind of purported perv, or who stalk and harass people from pillar to post--this smooth brain just invited the slavering fucknut hordes to geolocate or reverse-image search little children who did nothing wrong and invite their parents to hell on earth.  How does someone tangential to this culture not know this is a potential harm against real families to prove a fully bullshit point? 

If this wasn't known, and again, if someone is so dumb that they believe urban legends of this low caliber, they are obviously too fracking dumb to be in political office. But if she risked other people's lives over pure and simple vicious bullshit, the whole of damnation to this wretched person. The whole of damnation. 


Mr XD said...

Stupid as all hell seems to be the default setting for Repuglicans these days. That, and viciously mean~

Vixen Strangely said...

I think of it as "weaponized stupid" or "malapropaganda". The shit has truly gone through the looking-glass when people stop being sensible, stop caring about the truth, and start "signifying" for in-group belonging, not because they particularly believe in anything they happen to be saying. I think the root of RW claims of "virtue-signaling" is, in part, an idea that actual left wing values are given lip service and are not actually practiced, because in their house, family values etc. are only ever virtue-signaling--a signifier or semiotic referent without an actual praxis.

Except, per their extensive library of how to run a home, abuse. Just the child abuse of the Pearls and James Dobson. Leading to secrecy about abuse, pious lies. The hysteria over Satanic everyone else is to deflect from the reality that their kids are way more likely to be abused by a youth pastor than a drag queen, or even by a family member. Like Josh Duggar. The stupid is very intentional. It is a blinder.

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