Thursday, October 6, 2022

Where Does It Go From Here?


I really love when conservatives try to wrap their heads around the concept of limited government like WTF? People will just be responsible...for THEMSELVES? Apparently. What stops the government from legalizing shooting heroin into your eyeballs? Putting rainbow fentanyl in your socks and calling it the Devil's pedicure? If we don't treat potheads like criminals, how will the drunks know they are better substance users? Where the hell does it go from here? Anarchy? Bloodsports? The PURGE! AAAARGHHHH!

Or, follow the math on this, people doing a drug not more harmful than liquor, which is already legal, get to have it and use it responsibly, and are only fucked up with the system when they violate the law high on their little friend. It seems equitable to me. 

But our conservative friends have a problem with the concept of equity. We just saw this with a court case regarding folks who wanted to cancel President Biden's college debt forgiveness because it would really benefit Black people. This is shades of a case that our newest Justice, Ketanji Brown-Jackson, entirely revealed the lie at, regarding whether reparative justice is still justice. (It is, for all the necessary reason to having an equitable society is, and equity is not a dirty word. We all have that nasty euphemism: skin in the game.) 

Why would it be proper for the government to have its thumb on the scale to punish people for things their neighbors simply disapprove of, and don't result in actual harm done? Why wouldn't we recognize a social recreation that people can responsibly use and do? 

What I'm saying is: Biden sorted out people who didn't need to be felons and has probably saved a lot of folks future trouble. Some of the pardoned even get back their voting franchise. More importantly to them, it can help with their search for jobs and homes to be pardoned. 

It's all about forgiveness, right? 

Which is the note I'll leave this on, rather than how I think propagandists and liars should be treated. 

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Ten Bears said...

Be a lot less crime ... If in order to enter a liquor store you would first with ID in hand step-up to an electronically locked three quarter inch bullet-proof glass door where upon electronically passing through present your ID to a rent-a-pig behind a three quarter inch bullet-proof glass window who then electronically unlocks a one and quarter inch steel door to go into the liquor store, to then again present your ID to the counter-clerk before placing your order. Put it all in a big orange bag.

Like the pot-shops ...

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