Sunday, September 6, 2020

Being Cringingly Racist To Trigger The Libs and Other BS

Trump's overt racism hardly needs pictures to be verified, but it does help--of course Trump wanted to do a bit where he berated a Fauxbama and told him he was fired. Just think, at the 2012 RNC, celebrity guest Clint Eastwood did a similar act with an empty chair. Wanting to degrade Obama in effigy but being too afraid of letting down "the team" to actually have him be there to whip one's ass seems to be a signifier of Republican males of the Obama age. And let's face it, Obama did whip Trump's ass over birtherism at the 2011 WHCD and like mopey children, a certain group of GOPers have simply never let it go. They blame Obama for sleeping on Katrina, for crying out loud.

Of course some will still say, after all was ludicrously said and done, that Obama is either a Muslim or not born here, because saying things and believing them aren't the same thing. I am reminded of the birthers who managed to believe that somehow, Obama was foreign even if both of his parents were born in the US regardless if Stanley Dunham even visited Kenya or not. The point has nothing to do with reality. It's signifying.

I don't trust Republicans to validly answer poll questions like "Do you believe in Q Anon" for this reason. Even if the basic conspiracy theory is grotesquely stupid and derivative (I mean eating babies! Really!) and borrows from Satanic Panic and every stupid "gay culture is pedo" bit of mis-education in the evangelical hate culture, and even has roots in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the blood libel and its adherents bring up the Rothschilds at random, eh? To own the libs?

Being a cringingly obvious antigay and anti-semite weirdo to trigger the libs? Becoming unemployable probably in the eyes of your company's HR to trigger the libs, I guess? (Like how stalwart birther Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin lost his pension due to birtherism, a cautionary tale.)

Do the Republicans who rep birtherism or Q or the "Planned Parenthood babyparts" thing actually believe, literally, the easily debunkable drivel their worldview seems to be supported by? I mean Q--is a rando on the internets who does a math trick and says vague things that aren't true. Like, as his (presumably a male) adherents say--look it up for yourself. Is it worth it to really stand on one's head to figure out ways friend of pedos Trump is downlow fighting human trafficking or how virulent racist Trump is actually not a not even a little bit a grotesque racist? Please! It would almost be a relief if Trump fans stopped lying. You see what he is. Just admit what you are when you support him. He's a self-admitted pussy-grabber and multiply accused sexual harasser, assaulter, rapist. And despite his incompetence at governing, you like him as a mascot and the goddamn banner of your values.

Violent as they are.

I'm not triggered, I'm morally disgusted. Everything associated with Trump appalls me, up to and including his dedicated lying fanclub, whether they're folks accepting taxpayer money or campaign donor money to spread their rubbish, or blood-lusting culture warriors looking to fuck shit up for free. Their values are a free-for-all and they depend on lies.

No person who supports this shit ever gets to claim the high-road. No one.

(And PS to the religious right--he doesn't love you. He will be your mascot, but he notoriously looks down on those he considers "suckers and losers". You are his flock, but you are here to be fleeced. If not made mutton.)

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Anonymous said...

Trump's relationship with the KKKristians* is transactional: he gets their votes, they get to use the power of the state to persecute anyone not worshipping at their church. As long as each side gets their quid, they deliver their pro quo.

*KKKristians aren't Christians, as they don't believe in Christ's teachings. They're worshippers of the Antichrist, making Christianity look bad to destroy it.

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