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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stupidity or Signifying--Obama Responsible for Katrina Response?

It's kind of hard for me to take at face value the results of a recent poll that found that nearly a third of Louisiana Republicans considered President Obama responsible for the lackluster Hurricane Katrina response. I've just seen too many of these weird poll responses related to Republicans regarding whether Obama was born in the States, whether he's a Muslim, or whatever. I'm sure that if you broke down the facts in simple questions like "When was Hurrican Katrina?"  "When did Bush leave office?" or "When did Obama take office?" I am willing to guess, since these things all happened in recent memory, that the people surveyed would get these answers correct, or be in near vicinity of the right answer.

But when the question is phrased in such a way that an opportunity to blame President Obama for something presents itself, regardless of the facts, I think there is a not-insubstantial population that will do just that. It's like a reflex action of the troll-brain.  Do they seriously "believe" that Obama screwed up the Katrina response? Not necessarily, but it is an acceptable answer in an almost doctrinal sense for the purpose of signifying one's tribal belonging.

It's still awfully stupid. I've just begun to really suspect that there is more willfullness than stupid to a lot of Republican "information resistance."

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