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Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Startling Reminder that Louisiana is, in Fact, Losing Ground

This video shows an enormous sinkhole (which has recently celebrated its one year anniversary) that literally just sucked down some trees like it was no big thing. The sinkhole is also in the process of basically destroying a town.  It seems awfully likely that Texas Brine, a petrochemical company, is responsible. Apparently, when you hollow out an area to get at the oil or gas or whatever? It does not fill up with good wishes and fairy wings.  (Although what do I know? Some areas are especially prone to sinkholes--like Florida--but in Florida, overdevelopment is pushing the issue.  Oh, and they occur in Pennsylvania too, but I will blame fracking for at least some of them.)

Somewhat less dramatically, however, this reminds me that Louisiana actually is losing ground, about a football field worth of wetlands an hour.  That seems like an awful lot. I kind of blame petrochemical companies for that, too.

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