Saturday, December 2, 2023

Sandra Day O'Connor, 1930-1923


To the surprise of the conservative president who appointed her, the conservative first female Supreme Court Justice kept Roe v. Wade on the books. But on the other hand, try as I might to come up with something different regarding her being a trailblazer, I kept coming back to the Bush v. Gore decision. 

She wanted to retire and wanted a Republican to replace her. George W. Bush replaced her with Sam Alito. 

And Roe v. Wade was eventually undone. 


I can't expect someone to have the foresight to realize that the dominoes lined up like that. On the other hand, it was still some kind of selfish decision on her part, and from the 2000 decision, a lot of nastiness flowed. 

So I'm still mad. And I'm not over it. 


Richard said...

I am over it. I am not going to fight that ghost. We don't live there anymore. I am content to let her go. We have other enemies.
I hope she will rest in peace. She was the first woman Supreme Court Justice, they say.

Vixen Strangely said...

Yeah, I guess it's like, I'm mad about the decision itself but mostly just disappointed in her. But that kind of personal, partisan decision-making inserting itself into major events is why I feel like, whether a Supreme Court Justice or president or even city council people, should just think more like public servants and ask what the effect on other people would be.

I know feeling mad doesn't get me that other timeline. I just wonder what all might have been lost.

Mr XD said...

It's not about being mad (well,maybe a little bitter). It's about history and tracing the path we took to get where we are. Possibly, occasionally, trying some different paths so we don't keep making the same mistakes.

Grung_e_Gene said...

She engineered a Coup in 2000 and helped usher in the W(orst President of All Time). Yes, still worse than Traitor Trump, but Republicans are never satisfied with the bottom and seek to put Fascist Dotard in the White House by whatever means and the Corporate Media, will help out.

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