Friday, September 22, 2023

The GOP Appeasement Caucus


I remember when the right wing was calling President Obama an "appeaser". They liked to do that, back in the day. They would compare someone to Neville Chamberlain. And along comes Russia, sponsor of their little Tin Godlet, Trump. And some of the biggest Trump fans are all about letting Putin and his desire for lebensraum cook. He'll only take Crimea. He'll only take Donetsk. He's just annexing Russian-speakers...

Lies. Actually, he's performing war crimes , and negotiating how he can keep any of the territory he's seized is...appeasement, politically demonstrating that if you are a celebrity, they just let you grab whatever territory you like. Deciding not to intervene is certainly some kind of moral choice, but I would not commit to it being the right one. 

Mike Lee, hooked on phonics, may not like the idea of democracy being our system here in the United States. You can go as hard as you want on the history, but for most people who espouse this sonofabitching position, they literally aren't motivated in saying this by anything more than, "I'm a Republican so I say we're a Republic, and you're a Democrat so you say we're a Democracy." And yet: 

The idea that majority rule is intrinsically oppressive is necessarily an embrace of anti-democracy: an argument that an enlightened few, meaning Republican supporters, should be able to make decisions for the rest of us. If the election is close, and Trump makes a serious play to steal it, Lee’s “we’re not a democracy” argument provides a ready-made justification for tactics that amount to a kind of legal coup.

Verstehen?  Because we know who Lee is.  We know who Moscow Marge is. We can easily understand that a part of the GOP is captured by the idea of Russia just being an entity that should be given full rein (and might just help Republicans.) 

It's all fun and games until Poland gets invaded, I guess. And all the solidarity the Republican party had with freedom for eastern Europe in the late 1980s and early 1990's goes out the window? 

Does it? Are the America-Firsters so irredeemably laissez-faire about what Russian aggression means for sovereign nations that none matter to them?  Because it starts here, and it certainly could and should end in Ukraine. 

And as for idiot Senator Roger Marshall, who seems to think Ukraine should have an "exit strategy." (WTF--it's their country that got invaded. The best exit strategy is for Russia to retreat to its borders, the first fucking thing.) We know where "the money" has gone. It's mostly not been money but weapons. It went to defending a democratic nation and has helped in Ukraine taking back territory and asserting that Russia will not continue without devastating losses. The disbursement of aid has been documented; this man pretends he doesn't know because it's not--a lie.  

And as for twatty educated hillbilly neckbeard J.D. Vance:

He's dressing in solidarity with his people who have to run to shelters because Russia is bombing men women and children, Mr. Fucking Blackwell. Sorry he doesn't meet your high discerning standards and decided instead of appealing to Ivy League elites, he wants to represent his homefolks. I'd tell you to get stuffed, Jimmy, but you'd drop like a fresh load and lie like a mattress if you were any more stuffed then you already come. 

I just judge how these people see America by how they see our allies and the existential fight for freedom everywhere. And I see them bending over to figure out how to give territory to Russia and know, they would sell America out too. Under the right circumstances. They most certainly would. And given how close they are to Trump, and the smattering of hope Putin still wants that load in the White House, and how they cover for Trump's insurrection? I know they are mentally at the register, checking us out right now. 

Specious, tepid-souled, weak, pitiful little people. I wish none of them well. 


Joseph Max said...

They are the last, worst, cursed political party, the one that deserves the most horrible fate that can happen to it, the one that should and must suffer accursed and reviled forever, the one that should die terrified and in agony in the equivalent of a pathetic mattress fire, the sick-fuck, goatse party that begs for a brutal lashing with a spiked cat-o-nine-tails, the party that makes you wants to kick it and urinate on it and put cigarettes out on its skin — that party, that awful, awful Republican party, may it burn screaming for eternity in a pit beneath the lowest hell.

Ten Bears said...

Round them up, stuff them into cattle-cars, and send them to Russia ...

Dan Kleiner said...

i don't take lessons on dress or decorum from fascist fuckfaces who tried to overthrow the goddamn government and end the american experiment.

people should just laugh in their fucking faces.

gimme a goddamn break.

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