Friday, September 22, 2023

Menendez Needs to Resign


Now, I rarely slam the hell out of Democrats, but here's one hell of an exception: Sen. Bob Menendez of NJ is busted and he needs to resign. To repeat: he is busted, used up, out of credit, persona non grata and a whole pile of bullshit. This man took the little bit of rope he got from a hung jury in his last federal case and made a noose for himself. No sympathy, no nothing. 

The man had close to a half million in cash in his home, some of it sewn into his clothes, and $100K in gold bars.  To me, that spells "BUSTED". What does that tell me? His money isn't in the bank collecting interest because if he took it to the bank, he'd get unwanted interest. And it's also a "to the mattresses" situation. It's around in the eventuality of his needing a reason to not stick around. 

I hear what Majority Leader Schumer is saying when he talks up Menendez' service and his day in court: with respect to his service, he's getting a grace period to figure out what he wants to do before the hammer comes down, so he can go out like it's his own choice. That's respectful, I get it. But if the man doesn't know it's not a "forever" pass, he's a whole idiot. Because the NJ Governor is ready to replace this fool, and he has a rich mine of good people to choose from.  And the Senate doesn't need him so much they will let him fuck around forever:

And that's what his statement is. He really wants to go with: It's because I'm a Latino, huh? 

How about that answer is what makes him seem extra guilty

The added fuckery is he apparently misused his position on the Foreign Relations Commitee to the benefit of foreign powers. If he was pretending to do the people's business, while being swayed by foreign potentate money: what the whole hell? This sort of suggests maybe he can't be trusted to be a US Senator. End of story. 

Now, I know Republicans like their own version of events: sorry to them, but I think most Democrats understand that gold bars plus money in your damn windbreaker and being a two-time indicted loser means you are too squirrely to continue as a Senator. And I certainly don't want to hear it from people running a four-time indicted , twice-impeached jagoff for president. 

But it is as amusing as hell to hear GOP subgeniuses like Rep. Clay Higgins and Charlie Kirk brood that a prominent Democrat getting indicted is somehow DOJ giving cover to their Trump indictments to try and "appear" um....fair and balanced? Or to distract from the Hunter Biden probe? 

I'm not sure how that's supposed to work. But maybe, just maybe, the DOJ indicted Menendez because IT'S THEIR JOB.  That's what I'm going with, here. It looked like he did something wrong, they got evidence, built a case and are prosecuting it. Like it was their job.


Ali Redford said...

Absolutely, and thank you.

Vixen Strangely said...

Thanks for reading--I don't even think I'm odd here in thinking Menendez' first indictment was altogether bad enough. I'm really pleased Rep. Andy Kim has suggested primarying him--Kim is a great guy who I will remember for iconically sweeping broken glass from the Capitol building after 1/6. That's a real public servant.

Also, it's wild to me this sort of knocked Clarence Thomas' Koch brothers' story off the radar, but I think the fun thing is Thomas was savvy enough to mostly accept his payola in "experiences" like vacations and trips to Bohemian Grove and whatnot and less obvious reportable valuta like the payment for him mother's home. Menendez' brazen traceable mistake was getting fungibles. Serial-numbered gold bars. Wads of cash. Material with fingerprints.

But while I'm slamming a Democrat, yeah, also Thomas has to go. But in the meantime, I'm still reeling over the broken public trust with sensitive intelligence the long-time senator could have given to Egypt. Embassy personnel details. Just...


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