Monday, December 5, 2022

Rudy Knows What Time It Is


Did he do it by mistake? We joke about whether the guy who turned up dripping shoe polish from his head, made a speech at Four Seasons landscaping, and crop-dusted his co-counsel Jenna Ellis with COVID-19 by way of farticle is ever sober or has permanently lost his grip, but this display was so watch-movement obvious it sort of looked to me like at some point, he's just gonna tell folks he's a frail old man out of his mind and never meant to do any kind of coup. And this was just part of the warm-up.

It would be a very sad card to play after what he's said about Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden alike, is all. But fine--he's a constant drunk and a major incompetent--and the guy Trump was listening to in the White House as his very important unpaid lawyer for years. 

Think about that!

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