Sunday, December 4, 2022

Look! A Shark!


For some reason, James Woods is threatening to sue the DNC for trying to take down his deeply meaningful Twitter post about Hunter Biden's penis because it retroactively got "Shark" cancelled and made him terribly unpopular, even if he was brilliant at playing such diverse roles as Byron De La Beckwith, Rudy Giuliani, and the sleazy boyfriend of the wife in Casino. 

Except I guess he was kind of like just being himself in roles as gross people?  Maybe just being extended universe versions of the smarmy AP teacher in Welcome Back Kotter isn't sustainable. Maybe too many anecdotes about being abusive existed. 

Anyway, I don't think the DNC is to blame for him not getting the same kind of roles as he used to at his age. I don't even understand how the take-down of a post violating Twitter's TOS undermines his whole entire career. 

I guess they rigged his votes.  That must be it. 


Anonymous said...

Please see Citizen Cohen, Woods is a natural fit and nails it

Vixen Strangely said...

OMG! Thanks--I was wracking my brain knowing there was another role in the same vein (maybe the truest of the type)!

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