Sunday, October 2, 2022

Ron DeSantis Lets You Know Who To Thank


Ron DeSantis doesn't do things by accident, even when it looks like he's vamping. Of course, he would show up and make it look like he's there as a proactive Governor who cares about his people. Also he lets you know--it's him. Alright? He will feed you and get you some kind of Federal aid because that's on him. But wait. President Biden already approved aid to Florida.

Actually, Congress approved aid without Florida Republicans.  Like, no Florida Republicans approved aid going to their own state, about to be totally ripped up by a massive storm system. 

I like to think I am not stupid, and have for more than a minute understood that Republicans delight in showing that they do the culture war stuff over actually ever doing good government because culture war stuff is easy and government is hard. FL. Gov Ron DeSantis did culture war stuff over migrants to the US and spent a little bit or so of taxpayer money to demonstrate his signifying about migrants because it was obvious as a story for his people to understand.

Knowing when to evacuate vulnerable people is hard.  It involves understanding the problems the people involved will experience trying to turn their emergency planning around on a dime when their every dime needs to be accounted for. You err on the side of caution when there are people who only ever live by hearing an alarm. 

I guess I'm saying DeSantis will take credit for things not being worse, just like he did with COVID, where he did all he could to make things not look worse, even if they were pretty bad.  The media need to guard themselves against accepting his pro-himself puffery. 

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tony in san diego said...

Absolutely! He is going to hand out Federal money, blame the FEMA for everything that goes wrong, and run on how he would have done it all better, and can do the same thing for America.

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