Sunday, October 2, 2022

Every Accusation is a Projection


The luridness of the claim is lacking in details. What Democrats? What Republicans? When did the killings start and are the people anyone we know?

I mean, of course MGT might use Ashli Babbit, who ignored a warning not to enter the chamber where Congresspeople were about to perform their duty (a thing Margarie Taylor Greene simply does not understand). Clearly, MGT thinks "There but for the grace of my being connected and a Congressperson now, go I."  

And let's not stop thinking about the blutfahne.  The MAGA Republicans want to be seen as martyrs, they want to be seen as victims. It justifies their hate and gives them a permission slip for what they mean to do next. 

Just like Giorgia Meloni saying it isn't OK for her to say she is a woman or a Christian or a mother or whatever (and then what terrible thing ensues, hm? Nothing!), MGT claims she is a southern belle and then is right here trying to say she is at risk for being murdered because she does what now?

MGT starts shit and then basks in the afterglow of getting any kind of reaction. She isn't hounded for her identity, but her actions. She seems like such a wretched person. I don't want her deceased. I would like her to become self-aware. That might be punishment enough. 

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