Saturday, June 25, 2022

The "White Life" Decision


I listened more than once, because I could imagine a person with some kind of rhotacism or being a bit tongue tied trying to say "Right to life" and it being misread by CC as "white life". It isn't. She said this was a victory for "white life" and she means white ladies are going to have babies and she thinks they will be  a future that belongs to people like her. Because people like her will be controlling the education and the libraries of the future. She is one of those "Hitler had a point" people. Her point is that maybe she's stopping POCs from aborting also, but they will experience generational attrition by other means (also known as "Republican approaches to the general welfare") . She has faith that stopping abortion stops the browning of America. 

It's the racism. I want to mostly go smashmouth on the misogynistic sock puppet pro-lifers make of the Christian god and the absurdity of the imaginary fetal friends the pathetic sidewalk theocrats try to make of the "unborn children"--the unself-aware, pre-sentient, un-forebrained and unquickened get of some male's leg over. I don't try to get feathers from eggs or seek shade from an acorn, so I for one, understand that different things are not the same and wish everyone else did. The idea of fetal personhood because of solely human DNA is stupid--so many miscarriages--all deliberately ensouled by a creator who knew they would not prosper? All with the personality of a toenail.  Less sentience than an ant. It can't be true. 

But right here in the US, there is an idea that generation is destiny. All these little nits growing up to be white supremacist lice, as John Brown might say, of people who think a Civil War 2.0 is brewing over the culture war of the uterine battleground. That is not about religion, but white supremacy and hurting people just because. 

So, things I found out today--Trump had a rally--wow, did not anticipate, not still a star power that makes us wonder when he will make an appearance. Also too, is supported by fascists who increasingly say the supposedly silent things out loud. 

It seems very ugly, and something we should all work very hard to defeat. 

I don't think Ron DeSantis can out-Nazi Trump, but I think he'd be very competitive. 

UPDATE: The Congresswoman says we didn't hear her right but I'm pretty sure she thinks it is better to seek forgiveness than fail to issue her followers a know what? She isn't asking forgiveness just lying. She can fuck her blonde-ass self and see if she gives birth to a whole master race. I hope she tries and it hurts.


Ten Bears said...

You know, there's just no changing the fact that given our coming environment those lacking in pigmentation will not survive. It's like the research recently into why a few of us have a splash of Neanderthal, throwing doubt on the traditional theory they were overrun and wiped out by the dark swarthy invaders out of the south, suggesting rather the Neanderthal had something the cavemen, the Cro-Magnons, needed to survive and interbred. That's what the whities'll need to do: they'll need to bring in some new seed-stock, breed in with those with the skin-tone necessary to a boiling atmosphere. Metis` is best ...

Grung_e_Gene said...

So check out misses businesswoman, oh-oh-oh
She bought some white, white life
On the way to the get her farm subsidies, oh-oh-oh
She got some white, white life
Pick it up when she opens the door, oh-oh-oh
She doing white, white life
I know it's the way you like it, oh-oh
Living white, white life - Apologies to The Talking Heads

Vixen Strangely said...

I notice that there are an awful lot of blonde women around Trump that have a very particular look--same as the Fox newswoman look. I do think he still is very **Flattered** to have women that compliment him around him whether he can still do anything about it or not. I think it's because whether or not he still does go doggin' he wants people to know he totally has opportunity. What is really freaky is her husband, Christopher Miller, who at least had a 3%-er bumpersticker on his truck? Kind of looks like Trump only about ten years younger and whose barber doesn't hate him. Weird but true.

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