Monday, June 27, 2022

Look How They Massacred My Boy


I never wanted his mother to see him like this.

What Trump's erstwhile pro bono election lawyer (And worth every cent) Rudy Giuliani just received is a firm pat on the back. Did it make a hollow thud as it concussed the basic emptiness within him? Maybe, but I doubt that physically hurt.

What hurt was being called a scumbag--which if anything, undersells Giuliani's personal deficiencies but the offense there is the disrespect.  Being personally scummy was never a matter that he was supposed to be confronted with on the street like some kind of commoner. He worked for the president--that's a made guy! That it higher class scum!

This weekend, post the right-wing SCOTUS decision to end Roe, Republican figures have been fear-mongering about riots and violence. There have been peaceful protests marred by police abuse and an instance of a truck running into a crowd of protesters in Iowa(don't worry folks--the GOP there made that kind of thing perfectly legal!) 

Post Charlottesville, post 1/6, and post sporadic sprees of aggression by roving gangs of RW disinfo-fueled dinguses like Proud Boys and Patriot Front, I don't want to play their little game about what side is violent. And as for vandalism at pregnancy centers--fuck you. Damage against property isn't damage against people, and these liars have been telling pregnant people things like they can shake off an ectopic pregnancy if they are careful--they have most likely gotten innocent people killed themselves, and I would still far rather they be sued to the ground than burned. 

So consider my eyes very dry indeed over poor Rudy. The touch was light, it's the reality that's heavy

UPDATE: Apropos of nothing at all but where Giuliani is right now, um, here's him going on about how he cleaned up Harlem. He's right now where he deserves to be based on a not nearly-examined enough timeline of self-aggrandizement and bullying bigotry.  Just saying. He's exactly the kind of man to try and blow up a small assault when he's staged riots in his weasley life


Grung_e_Gene said...

Charges against Daniel Gill were reduced to a couple misdemeanors from the initial Felony; what should happen is Gill hires an attorney who puts pressure on the States' Attorney to drop the whole matter because Rudy Ghouliani's testimony of what happened was perjured

Vixen Strangely said...

It's a hell of a thing--the "video was very deceptive" according to Giuliani because it only showed the hand on his back, not the clobberin' he wanted people to see. He's still trying to magnify the event. It reminds me of when I used to work retail--we had a guy who honestly, within the line of sight of a customer service desk, carefully laid down next to a "danger--slippery when wet" placard. That was not his best day, and this was not Rudy's. It is amazing that a sycophant was in place to rub his back and basically burnish the details in front of a news camera. How does the Total Landscape guy, the Elite Strike Farce dripping shoe polish guy, the Borat movie hand in pants guy, the COVID farts on Jenna Ellis guy, still have any mojo? The mind frigging reels.

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