Saturday, May 21, 2022

I've Seen the Future and It Is Mother


The genuinely stoked millennial in the selected picture is Trump-supported state senate candidate Jackie Eubanks, who does not think women should have sex outside of marriage or for other than procreative purposes and definitely should not have birth control.  Birth control is outside of God's moral order, which I guess he told her this one time at Bible camp, and now welp. Also too, you apparently can't have a successful society outside of Christianity. Sorry, most of world history. You are apparently entirely wrong for having existed outside of Miss Thang's experience. 

I'm being mean, but mostly because this moral scold is young enough to be one of my not-even youthful indiscretions. You are not young enough to be the welp of me and tell me when, with whom and for actual progeny!? I am going to fuck. Oh no. Jacky and her sock puppet Jesus are not the boss of my vagina. They can mind their own business. 

But Trumpism is apparently going full metal-mama on us. Matt Schlapp's response to whether Great Replacement Theory is a thing is to tie it to abortion--why don't we just stop white ladies from aborting the future? The white future. The future that isn't reliant on what Steve King spoke of as "somebody else's babies".  (Right up in Hungary where I guess democracy is dead and long live Orbanism? Anti gay, anti-minority, paranoid, declining? ) 

The answer to "white genocide" (which isn't happening, unless you count suicide by desperation and incel by having extremely bad internet habits--but none of that is imposed by the outside) is supposed to be women wanting to have children, but none of this culture is making me even think for a moment I missed out by not making white babies for this shithole culture. Whiteness isn't enough and making kids would be too much for me. Writing is my babies. People who don't read wouldn't understand that and that's why my blog isn't for them. And people who never woke up and cried that they had to get out of bed don't understand why I never wanted kids that I would have to make my body do shit for everyday when it was enough I did anything for me.

Fascism is making reproduction-capable people into baby factories and telling them they need to be happy they have a job.  It is telling disabled people they have to produce to be considered valuable. It is saying something is so special about motherhood that rejecting it is a sin. I sometimes wonder if I might be a good dad-figure to someone--I have lots of drinking and fighting and sportsmanship lessons to bestow. But the government should not tell people how to make their families. They should not tell people with uteruses they have to be mothers anymore than people with penises need to be fathers. We need to do these things for ourselves. And race is irrelevant to what makes a society--any society that hates and micromanages people is already fucked. 


eddie blake said...

i can't stand this shit. a member of my tribe, a red-sea-pedestrian NEEDS to sue to block these forced birther laws. abortion is REQUIRED if the fetus endangers the mother in the jewish faith. life LITERALLY doesn't exist until the little fucker can breathe on his own, post-delivery.

i KNOW the christian SCOTUS fascists will shoot down jewish religious objections with GLEE, but at least we can put the "judeo-chrisitan" lie to bed.

tony in san diego said...

but..but...but...I thought abortion was *black* genocide??? What's it gonna be, lady?

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