Wednesday, February 23, 2022

The Convoy is 1/6 *ON WHEELS*


Yeah, I knew this was what was up. The trucker rebellion is another expression of regime change for democratic nations by way of really stupid bullying. They want to effect change by way of annoying us to death during a moment when actual global shit is going down. 

Like, fuck these cretins. They aren't martyrs, they are mofos asking for it and ultimately deserving of getting it.  Referencing Ashli Babbit is just another way to know they are signaling their victimhood for any justifiable penalty they experience for their cause. They hate cops and the idea of government too. They are basically asking for the wake-up call. The penalty for fucking around should be finding out. And I think these mofos should, if they really try to shut down the Beltway. It's already a cluster fuck. 

UPDATE: Yes, they really are the same folks in some cases. And have the same people funding them. And have the same politicians in the US offering moral support. And even if the attempts to logistically manage a meaningful protest are currently fraught with issues, the opportunity to fundraise off it or sell cool trucker-themed swag and the general "friends we met along the way" tribalism are, like Tea Party dos and Trump rallies, markers of the faithful having done a pilgrimage that strengthen the radical base. The point is in showing some kind of numbers and making some kind of demo that will eventually capture eyeballs in the mainstream media. 

If good press--great! If bad press--hey, lugenpresse! The way they have it figured; they can't lose.  Unless someone points out they are basically tantrum babies who were astroturfed into being a thing and are generally not great community organizers so much as drama queens who all thought they'd get medals for showing up. 

So maybe there's a lot of ways to take the air out of the tires on this one. 


Ten Bears said...

That graphics looks to me like how Canada handled the cucker convoy.

Yeah, a little slow but, like Canadians trains are like that.

No hurries ...

Vixen Strangely said...

If the US convoy ever gets their shit together to the extent to cause a problem (and the history of similar convoys implies that the US is vast and such a thing is difficult to assemble) I am persuaded by the police response to various other civil conflicts that business would be handled with a relative quickness.

tony in san diego said...

I am sure state highway police will divert them from even approaching the capitol. they are not going to get near the belt-way.

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