Saturday, February 26, 2022



The most disgusting thing about Putin's war on Ukraine is the lie: that he is liberating anyone, that he is sparing noble Russian-ethnics from the obvious Nazis who elected a Jewish comedian whose grandfather fought Nazis, and whose country is far better with freedom of speech and, for example, LGBT rights, than Russia. Putin calls it denazification. I call this very Orwellian. There is a proud and sovereign Ukrainian nation, and Putin has said it should not exist. This kind of talk doesn't bode well for Ukrainian people, and his version of history doesn't bode well for people living in the entire region. NATO-affiliated nations as well. 

I struggled with how to write about this, because I spent the night of the invasion imaging who among the right-wing US pro-Putin propagandists should be fed into the woodchipper, feet first, because we have ourselves a Nazi problem, here, too. I am by no means a pacifist, and pro-Putinism has been the curse of the Trump era. Tucker Carlson has been his cheerleader. Laura Ingraham on the eve of the invasion called one of Zelenskyy's finest speeches pathetic, meangirling a leader whose people were on the brink of certain misery and experience of death, if not destruction. And these Fox News hosts are also, whether people like to talk about it enough, ardent white supremacists, Right there on cable tv. Sad but like, really true. 

Fox News is all about white supremacy and I think CPAC is pretty much white supremacist too, see if even the POCs who show up to perform aren't sniffing Hitler's taint.  

I don't think we should be fooled here, because Ukraine is the victim of Putin's fantasies about what USSR was, and Russia's claims to some legitimate security whatever regarding Ukraine was always a lie. Putin's convenient lie. He knows Nazis are an enemy people could easily fight against, so this makes fine propaganda sense. Talk about some small and probably strawman funded by him group inside of Ukraine. Whevs. 

But the US people who support Putin need to know they are basically Nazi-adjacent, because he backed Trump, and we all easily understand what he was. The biggest whoop and holler in favor of the "denazification" lie, will be US Nazi-adjacent people. They will try to say Zelenskyy is associated with George Soros. Who is allegedly also behind everything liberal here in the US as well, from justice reform to ballot-rigging

I'm not going to be stupid about the fifth column in the US regarding Putinists,--it's Trumpists and especially people associated with Mike Flynn--who I am never calling a general ever again. It's amazing to me that Republicans who ignored Trump's collusion and the Ukraine extortion regarding the Mueller report, the House Russia investigation, the Senate Report on the Russa/Trump investigation, and the first Trump impeachment, want to play dumb about how that played out on the world stage. And now claim it was Biden who wasn't strong against Putin and encouraged this thing he was always going to do--

Because he never would have under Trump, only for the very special reason that Trump always gave him what he wanted. He gave him a welcome mat to Syria. He ended the Open Skies treaty.  He extorted Zelenskyy, denying him military aid for dirt on Biden (but relented on getting caught). And wanna-be Pompeo was even on that call and could not say "Boo." 

Anyway, I struggle with how to write about Ukraine, my hopes and fears for these brave people, and how I can not stand the lies that have been used by Putin's regime to take them to this place. But I despise all political lies, including those of my own countrymen. I note that the America First crowd, our Nazis, applaud Putin to the greatest extent. And doesn't that make me wonder? 

I stand with Zelenskyy and Ukrainian freedom. And fuck all fascists. In Russia, in the US, everywhere. And I think the "denazification" lie is the most projecting sickness of a failing regime. Accuse others of what you are committing to. I see what Russia is about, and I abjure the horror. 

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Anonymous said...

Never call flynn "General" again - good.
Never capitalize trump again - better!

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