Sunday, February 27, 2022

AFPAC and CPAC Are Like Peas and Carrots


This is very funny, because this woman is clearly clued into the whole RW vibe: a Qanon, a friend of Alex Jones. She seemed to greet Fuentes warmly when she showed up, so, it feels weird that she, a fellow traveler with Paul Gosar, who made the AFPAC to CPAC circuit last year, is in any way confused about what she was doing there. Of course, she was just there to connect with der jugend and talk about Christianity. Her brand of white supremacy is theocratic. Why shouldn't we think she's just confused about the stupid things she sometimes does and says?

She's so busy after all. Being a thirsty dominionist stunt queen takes every ounce of her Crossfit enhanced fake weight pressing body builder shagging physique. And as Stew Peters would tell you, isn't that typical of such a RINO?

I think it's great that these things happen at the same time and basically down the street from each other, anymore, because you get to see the sort of fluid exchange of ideas between the two supposedly not at all being the same thing nope not hardly groups. Like, would Papa John Schnatter tell AFPAC that with the right PR he could have weathered the cancellation of saying the n-word like dozens of times? They might have laughed at, not with him, but CPAC listened while he said that, and also that Joe Biden somehow convinced Putin to launch an invasion of Ukraine to distract from stuff happening in the US.

Wow. Russia has probably invested billions with a b on this one and committed thousands of lives to somehow distract from Joe Biden's shit. You can't get a lot of people to say something that "edgy" out loud where people can hear, but CPAC drew that exact too racist to make pizza sort of moron. Cheers, CPAC!

Now, I don't know a lot about Nick Fuentes on purpose, because every time I see him I just think I'm looking at what you would get if a crack-addicted squirrel and a school shooter manifesto somehow had a baby and raised it on Leni Riefenstahl films and also that maybe Paul Gosar doesn't have Huntingdon's and just is copying Fuentes' jerkiness. But I think he's getting hind-tit treatment for delivering the same product. You know. Fascism. 

I mean, even GOP stalwart Joe Arpaio was taken aback that his racist reputation was actually cheered at AFPAC.  And where else could a pencil-neck incel like Fuentes (who puts up the money for this shindig--anyone?) make his sorry, not sorry joke that people compare Putin to Hitler like it was a bad thing? Ha! Because Fuentes thinks Hitler is good, see? Get it? 

Such a hit. Such a self- owning and being entirely free to fash moment. But tell me true--when Trump praises Putin as a genius and promotes his Big Lie at CPAC, is he believed straight on, or is he just cheered because he provides a rationale to be hateful whether it's believable or not? How is that different from the open fascism at AFPAC anymore? Do we even need a signifying rune stage set-up to know what we're hearing? 

Mainstream Republicans were ok with Trump facilitating the genocide of Ukrainians because of fealty to Putin with reference to his military aid denial and the finagling of his campaign in 2016 to make supporting Ukraine not be part of the GOP platform. And in 2022, here's Putin, trying to genocide Ukrainians, and the GOP party leader is still pretending he didn't condition aid on dirt on the guy he knew he would lose to. 

Because he knew Joe Biden would beat him and by gawd he did. So he lies. Like Putin lies. Like "strongmen" always lie. Because Trump isn't even strong. He's just somehow still listened to by people who want some berk to make great--a log king or a stork king. They just don't understand how inadequate to their needs his rule would always be. 

The people AFPAC and CPAC alike hate the most--you know, people like me and most likely you my readers. probably get them best--they need to gather together and be hateful together because in the wild, hate doesn't last. You can't hate libs and want to own them or hate anyone and want to fuck with their lives if you knew them a little. So they encourage these echo chambers for the yahoos to yodel in, to silo experience and diminish the capacity to see others as fellow humans and not evil caricatures. I don't even properly speaking hate them--just the milieux of hate and stupidity--very intentional stupidity, weaponized ignorance, they are soaking in. It isn't necessary. 

But I don't see CPAC and AFPAC as differing anymore, and this is a trajectory to despair about. Because it means the GOP has gone further away from being people with whom progressives can ever speak. 

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Ten Bears said...

Oh, the Irony ~ We Metis` see things a little differently, recognize physical traits for what they are. Every time I see that nose the first thing that comes to mind is ... one drop.

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