Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Soup to Nuts


Surely, there are more important things in the world than Rep. Greene (R. Crossfit) confusing the Nazi secret police for a cold tomato-based soup, but before you send me off to the goulash, maybe we should just admit it's weird as hell that this elected official keeps making weird statements about the Holocaust, or the Rothschilds, or comparing things to Nazis, or talking about the oxymoronic "corporate communism" in a way that demonstrates she is profoundly unconcerned about whether she is making any sense at all, or is just using scary words to scare other underinformed people.

She's a conspiracy theorist by nature, a lovechild of Dunning-Kruger and Robert Welch, Jr. She plays a long game of connect the dots where some of the dots aren't even on the same page. Conspiracy theories are like a choose-your-own adventure book that exceeds even the imagination and arcana of a Dan Brown novel. What she chooses to believe is that the people who disagree with her, all of them, are somehow associated with the actual worst people of history, whoever she at the moment thinks those people must be. 

So, she violates mask rules because the people who told her to do a very basic and sanitary thing that does work offends her. Oh, and let's not even pay notice to whether the fines she has racked up are ones she can easily ignore as a person of personal wealth, when people with far more exposure than she has, like retail workers, don't even make what she has raked up in fines in their yearly salary and have ample reason to want protection. How dare peons tell her what to do though! So they must be the oppressors, and she the victim. (The people who study abusers call the technique she uses quite automatically "DARVO.")

Of course! And no doubt, pointing out that she is a bear of very little brain is only another of the oppressions she faces from the elitists in the Vichyssoise government she finds herself somehow a somewhat participating member of.  

It's a little too pat to say that this sort of thing makes her a propagandist, only really capable of effectively communicating to the like-minded. It's a little raw to say that pointing out her obvious shortcomings only adds to her victim-mentality and feels like a pile-on by "elitists" to people sympathetic to her. Both are a little bit true. But I still think it's valid to point out this damn dumbass doesn't know what the fuckall she's talking about and is a danger to herself and others.  And people who are sympathetic to her are also damn dumbassses and if they want more abuse, my word, it is made fresh daily.  Sign up for the full subscription. 

Or stop being dumbasses, totally your call. 

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