Sunday, January 23, 2022

RFK, Jr. And Pestilent Ignorance


Imagine that the son of a promising Democratic presidential candidate and nephew of a president brutally slain could stand up in front of absolute conspiracy freaks and Neo-Nazis, espousing utter bullshit about the bold new frontier of...cell phone technology, which we have had for a wee while now, and absolutely appallingly engaging in Holocaust denial with a twist of cultural ignorance and illiteracy. 

Anne Frank didn't survive the Holocaust in Hitler's Germany, but was captured in Amsterdam (not anyone's Germany) and taken to Bergen-Belsen, where she died of typhoid fever (something vaccines have existed for since before she was born).  The Nazis didn't need 5G or GPS or chips to find her, they used finks. Human beings ratted out her family and subjected them to several horrors before they died. RFK, Jr. would know that if he was familiar with her diary, which is fairly commonly taught in US high school curricula (and should be, even if it makes anyone uncomfortable). 

Here's what we can't run and hide from: mortality. I'm so fucking sorry MWBS* sufferer Robert Kennedy Jr. has decided to rail against vaccines as if they were being used as a means of murder--but death comes for everyone, and most try and stop it. We get vaccinated for a dozen things before we're even really conscious because we have parents who love us. We take medicines when prescribed. We jog or do other positive moving our meat machine things. We eat vegetables and get our 6-8 glasses of water in. But we aren't staying here permanently any of us, we just don't know our check-out time. 

While we are alive, one thing we can do is not be positively full of shit, ignorant as fuck, and shining out pure nonsense in front of actual eugenicists, who are doing a little happy dance at the idea of fat people and disabled folks and old people shuffling off their mortal coil in a slow-rolling disinfo eugenics movement.We could try not to support the kind of people who made the Great Barrington Declaration, that are lying to very unvaxxed communities in places like Uganda, because they've decided that other people dying anywhere is deaths that are not them happening everywhere.  Which some people who have been worldclass haters discover doesn't exempt them, after all. 

So we all see what disrespect RFK Jr. has for human life, how he dismisses the Holocaust, how he presumes his not being a scientist level of understanding of science should be respected, and how he  makes weird pronouncements regarding technology that is based more on tin-foil hat levels of paranoia than reality. Is he actually unwell? I don't know. But I do know his lending his name and reputation, such as it still is, to an absurd cause is disturbing. And yet the audience he is appealing to would still rather hear from his cousin or his uncle

His life must be incredibly weird. But it's still no excuse for his message being so damaging and disinforming. 

* MWBS: Mediocre White Boy Syndrome. Where white boys think they ought to have experienced something better and really need to be listened to even if they are dead ass wrong as fuck, 

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