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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Have They No Shame?


The tragedy of the January 6th incident continues to reverberate, but Republicans continue to lie about what happened and disrespect the people who literally tried to stand between them and potential violence from Trump's deplorable domestic terrorists. They continue to try and cover their own asses, as well as that of the giant loser who went so far as to disparage the officers who engaged in combat for hours as weak. They have mostly rejected the opportunity to address not just a national security crisis that certainly looks to have been enabled and cultivated by Trump associates, but also to review that the harm done was real and affected real human beings, and that there is potential for another event.

This sickens me. It sickens me that the fake audit in AZ--a production of Springtime for Hitler   funded by people with deep pockets filling the coffers of actual cynical grifters, has the pay-off of at least muddying the waters regarding whether our elections are clean by the time-honored bullshittery of "just asking questions". (And that isn't all the AZ GOP nonsense.)  It sickens me that some MAGA rioter right here in PA wants to do the same sort of bullshit. 

Lives have been lost. It wasn't a pack of enthusiastic activist/tourists descending on the Capitol that day, but real malefactors. We often hear that quote that for evil to prosper, all it takes is for good men to do nothing. But in the face of what's going on now, are those who would stand aside even good? I mean, for what? 

If they truly have no shame, then I think their shame-glands need kickstarted. Because these officers faced a nightmare situation and aren't feeling supported by their damn country. This was terrorism and they were the Flight 93* goddamn heroes rushing the cockpit. And they deserve our attention, and so does what happened that day.

(*And Michael Anton can go fuck himself. And the Claremont Institute can do the same. And if they can't go fuck themselves because they won't rise to the occasion, history will.)

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