Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Monday, January 25, 2021

Maybe You Just Bite

Is there anything conservatives love more than pretending they are being free-speech martyrs and being depicted with their mouths all duct-taped? It's a fetish. But no, Josh, "America" is not being "muzzled", anymore than, say, when Trump is impeached, all of his voters are being impeached. It's called personal responsibility. Conservatives could look into it, if they wanted to.

First of all, Josh Hawley represents Josh Hawley, not "America". The little stunt of trying to throw out my vote here in Pennsylvania was pure ambition, even if he wants to pretend that all of his Missouri constituents are so, so concerned about the constitution of our commonwealth. Josh Hawley needs to shut up, but that's not "cancel culture". That's shunning, because he fucked up. Dozens of police officers were injured and people died because Josh Hawley is an ambitious little liar. He shares this ignominy with other conservatives like Ted Cruz, but they are not being muzzled, even if they are a bit like mad dogs.

So no, America doesn't have a "social credit" problem. Hawley has a "He shit the bed and wants to sit here and polish the shit" problem. But it still smells.


Li'l Innocent said...

Oh, he bites alright. Not since I first became aware of Matt Gaetz have I had so instantaneous a dislike for an elected politician. But the thing is, he's dangerous. Veiled-insane, clever, compulsive dangerous. Also, he gets people to believe him.

Vixen Strangely said...

Someone on Twitter commented he reminds them of Stephen Miller, but better-looking, which is the dangerous thing. The thing I worry about is someone with Trump/Miller values, but who makes them look more polished, plausible and competently-carried out.