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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

So, What's the Play?

Probable 2024 GOP presidential wannabees Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz are all over "Let's be Team Trump" and now Nikki Haley is saying "Give the man a break." They do get that with every break they give Trump, the harder it will be to get rid of him, right? He stays not just around....but in their way. Do they think they will get something in return? A cookie?

In the meanwhile, it's probably the path of least resistance, but it's spineless and amoral. You probably can't go wrong as a Republican these days by saying your position is the opposite of whatever Democrats want, but what if, and I know I'm reaching, there was a market for actually trying to put on some show of principle? What if he actually isn't worth the effort anymore and will bite them on the ass?

I've said since the 2016 GOP primary that the way to deal with Trump is to do away with him. His power is an allowance--it doesn't flow from him, but to him. They yielded it, they can yield it back. They just have to get together and commit. 

This position Haley is contorted in--that an insurrection is just no big deal, is embarrassing. 

As a side-note, Republicans don't quite seem to understand that unity without accountability is a non-starter. The bare fucking minimum anyone should expect is you don't unify with people who came after you with nooses. They take out their trash, then talk is possible. Not beforehand.

UPDATE: Lil' Marco also does not know the difference between accountability and vengeance. He may have given up on 2024 because Trump gave him nightmares in 2016 and he's still wetting the bed, though.


Charon04 said...

I think they are being smart by pandering to Trump's supporters.

They might be assuming, I think correctly, that Trump will not be much competition for much longer as Trump's physical and especially mental health declines.

Ten Bears said...

Haley is a science denier, a flat-earther.

I don't think in four years anything will be as anyone thought it would be.

bt1138 said...

It would be a lot easier for people like Nikki Haley if all of their voters didn't love Trump more than they love people like Nikki Haley.

mcfrank said...

As a side-note, Republicans don't quite seem to understand that unity without accountability is a non-starter.

Oh, they understand all right. They just figure it's worth trying to bulldoze through that part as it has worked many times before.