Thursday, December 19, 2019

They Really Do Sound Like Him, Though

I'm posting a screencap (click to enbiggen) because she's bound to delete it after a long-enough period of roasting, but it really does appear that Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted an impression of a stutter during tonight's Democratic debate, and then, instead of apologizing when being called out for it, tried to explain that her critics are the dumb ones for not understanding that what she was saying was, Biden doesn't make himself understood very well.

Because she's a nasty piece of work, of course, which might have been part of her home training. But also because even though she isn't still Trump's press secretary, she still sounds just like him. A hurtful asshole, in other words.

Biden responded without calling her an asshole, which is better than me, I guess.

Although I feel like it's implied.

UPDATE: Huckabee has apologized as one does when literally everyone has basically called one an asshole. But I still feel like it was intentional and she probably had heard this about Biden before. She's not brand-new around here.

UPDATE 2: Ah! Trump's kids sound like him, too.

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Ten Bears said...

There is nothing to be said about... ahhh, this creature that doesn't border on misogyny, which is unfortunate as it is the only language we have to describe just such a creature. I too have struggled my entire life with stuttering, and I'm here to tell right now boys and girls that there is nothing more satisfying in this world than punching some bastards' face in for making fun of it. Scum. Just scum. It isn't human. It is less than human.

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