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Monday, April 15, 2019

They All Start to Sound Like Trump

I was going to just overlook the nastiness of claiming that Democrats in Congress (in fact, she indicates in the clip, the current group of if there was something, I don't know, just very special, about them) because I thought maybe this was something she just threw out there in the course of an interview. But then I saw she put that up on her @PressSec Twitter feed.

So, she's officially calling congressional Democrats not "smart enough" to understand the president's tax returns. The folks who construct tax laws. Grown adults who can do a bit of readin' and figurin'. (Oh heck, I reckon if they got stuck, they could even look in a phone book and get an accountant or two on the case, you think?) It's not just insulting, it doesn't even work all that well as an insult, let alone as a reason for them not to review Trump's returns.

What a very good spokesperson for Trump she is though, echoing comments he has made about certain Democrats as "low IQ". It's ugly and unprofessional, but in exactly the way Trump is, too.

UPDATE: There are already ten accountants in Congress, anyway. But she wasn't trying to be factual. Her comments were about being nasty.

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