Friday, December 20, 2019

I Still Hate Debates

I'm just going to run down my list of observations in no particular order, because, as I have pointed out endlessly--I hate these debates.

I don't know how the debate happened the night after the impeachment vote, but ok.

We've finally got the debate stage whittled down to seven people, and they had a scrolling background behind them so once again, busy and distracting.

Even if I like fewer people on the stage, yes, I think Booker and Castro should be up there, and don't get me started on Harris being out of the race.

Buttigieg getting thwacked by Klobuchar and Warren because he doesn't have the experience of some of the other people on that stage but has no problem getting donors was good.  I don't have a problem with millionaire donors, per se (like robbing banks, it's where the money is!) and don't believe that it makes a person de facto bought and paid for. But where is one going to judge? Looking at a candidate's record. Buttigieg doesn't really have much for us to go on in practice.

Although Sanders and Biden aren't very similar as candidates, I'm very comfortable that both of them are more qualified than Trump, especially on foreign policy.

Warren's quip about being the youngest woman sworn in was good. Also, we need more women in politics!

All debates are awful and mostly reinforce the opinions I already have about candidates, somewhat.

And we will be doing this a handful more times, so, woo-hoo? I'll get to see more of them, I guess.


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