Friday, December 20, 2019

From Christianity Today

I think the argumentation here is good, but I admit, I am not a part of this culture, so I don't know how influential Christianity Today is with evangelicals in general. I understand Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell, Jr. have already slammed it (but they are so associated with Trump that stands to be expected). As I understand it, this magazine probably isn't that influential with the more fundamentalist Trump supporter. It also strikes me that, as with the arguments of Never-Trumpers, this will fall into the category of heresy referred to as "elitism", which I have after years of struggle finally got into my dense leftist head to means, for conservatives, being morally scolded by anyone whose convictions one does not entirely share.

I also wonder a bit about an idea I have come across that some evangelicals may be a bit impatient for Trump to give way to President Pence. I'm a little more comfortable with my opinion on that--if Trump felt threatened that he was being shoved aside for a more palatable candidate, he'd bring Pence down with him because Pence appears to have been in the loop regarding the Ukraine scheme. I don't think Trump planned Pence's involvement strategically as a hedge--he just gets people involved in this business to prove loyalty because that's how he works--like the pitch that defileth.

UPDATE: Rest assured, Trump is having no more to do with this publication (snerk).

A "far left magazine"!

UPDATE 2: You think he's still mad, tho?

No president has done what he's done for religion, ever! The damned nerve! He's the American Constantine!

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