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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mike Pence Gets to Hold David Duke's Bag

I would never want to be in Mike Pence's position. We recently caught him praising Putin. But what can you do when your running mate says such nice things? We could see his his failure to call David Duke "deplorable" because he just doesn't do name-calling as a funny old side effect of being Donald Trump's VP candidate. Funny as a burning cross. He also gets to defend Trump's birtherism, which might be old news, but which Trump has never disavowed.

There is an end to the sympathy, though. Because Mike Pence brought this very damaging thing upon himself. He knew what the Donald was when he picked him up. After the birtherism and ever so very much else of Trump's personal CV--what did Pence think he was getting into? He can't defend any part of what Trump stands for, because he isn't really anything but Trump's fig leaf. He's strapped in for an ugly, rugged ride and he should have anticipated it.

So we get Mike Pence trying to pretend that not having an opinion about an open racist like that wasn't sort of a validation. When what else is there to say? David Duke was happy as a baby having Christmas. That's all you need to know. Mr. Broad Shoulders has approved this pro-racism message. And Mike Pence, homophobe, can't help but play along, being role-knowing and lane-staying.

Weak as fuck.

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