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Monday, September 12, 2016

North Carolina Has Lost the NCAA and the NCGOP is Gonna be Mad

So, a funny thing happened. The state of North Carolina has gone out of it's way regarding bathroom bills regarding insisting people go to the potty that matches their chromosomes, not their actual life choices, and it came to pass that a major collegiate sporting organization took a little exception to that particular bit of very specific and not helpful bigotry.

Women's athletics has historically been a zone where queerness is (after no small amount of fighting, to give credit where credit is due) accepted. Think about it. It's a little stereotypical, but when you consider the history of out lesbians and transwomen, you often think of women sporting figures. Caitlyn Jenner did not participate in the Olympics in her female identity, but she is unmistakably the most famous trans athlete currently. But I grew up with the story of Renee Richards on my mind, the transwoman who just wanted to be treated as a professional woman athlete. The issue of how to treat trans athletes has been a meaningful and deep conversation in the sporting world for just the very reason of how gender-segregated sports are, how we assume basic differences in the physical abilities of different genders, and how we see hormonal "enhancement" as basically performance drugs.  In other words, the NCAA is coming to the question of what the anti-trans bathroom bill means with a whole lot of knowledge.

The above picture is the whole lot of bigoted nonsense NCGOP burbled in response. Trans folks are not any assault to me as a cis woman. Cis men were the sexual assailants at Baylor. The idea that the NCAA is politically "peacocking" is just unsurprisingly unimaginative alliteration from some uptight dope.

Assuming Trans and Queer people are by nature rapists and sexual harassers is bigotry, Kami Mueller. There is nothing correct or exculpatory for the bullshit discriminatory law NCGOP is supporting. And I think it's a laugh and a half you dumb asses want to spend taxpayer dollars to defend your deeply uninformed position, even while you bankrupt your state's economy.

You barely understand what you're doing. It genuinely shows. Please proceed to the nearest dumpster and insert yourself. Also, throw away all your sunglasses, because you will live the next 100 years of your life in shade.

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