Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Working People Like Who?

So there's an ad where the Trump Campaign is trying to imply that Hillary Clinton derided so many people with her "deplorable comments":

But this might not be the greatest argument when juxtaposed with some enthusiastic Trump supporters:

Inviting people to identify with the "Make my burrito, bitch" guy might not actually work out. Trump rallies have gained notoriety for what can happen at them. Some of these people may just be working people--but they are also working at being horrible people. Deplorable, even.

The Trump campaign is making the argument that there isn't any difference between the white supremacists and sexists and homophobes that Clinton actually called deplorable, and the rest of those fine working folks out there. All I know is, saying that the people she called "deplorable" are "like you" says an awful lot about who they think "you" are.

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