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Monday, October 12, 2015

So, Did John Boehner Push to Keep the Benghazi Cmte Alive?

Recent gavel-renunciator John Boehner is quite possibly the guy who turned the Benghazi Select Committee on to Clinton-emails-all-the-time. I personally always thought there was a partisan quality to the Select Committee, but I didn't see out to how it would get to be about trapping Hillary Clinton out loud until pretty recently. But in light of the sort of information that had been out there, I think it was becoming increasingly clear that there wasn't new information about what happened then that even was being looked for.

But why would Boehner push to have a committee about the deaths of four US persons in Libya be about Hillary Clinton's emails? Because of the Infinite Football-Pull. Politically, Hillary Clinton was the most likely candidate for the Democratic nomination, so by wrecking her, he could break out of the "always-losing" scenario by having someone in the Oval Office--a Republican--who would give the House GOP militants at least some of what they wanted some of the time--and really do him a favor by not being a Dem at all.

The idea that Boehner threatened to walk off the Speaker position knowing full well no one in their right mind would want it while still pumping for the Committee's validity, kind of suggests he wanted to stay on but with a stronger hand? It makes some sense.  But since the game is more or less given away--does this mean he really leaves--or is he further caught in a hell of his own making? (Enquiring minds might like to know with the CR up and the debt ceiling also.)

If so, Trey Gowdy isn't alone in being under fire for the Benghazi Committee becoming (even more) overtly partisan. Boehner assisted.  Does this mean he also should be looking at an ethics issue? Probably not--we are far removed from the day when Newt Gingrich stepped down from his speakership partly for ethics reasons by a GOP committee. But he still might just like to, you know. Go away.

(All this backstory is, in part, why I found the idea of Newt Gingrich in the running for a shot at Speaker so amusing when it got floated. The partisan witch hunt that Gingrich lived and politically died by--the current GOP learned it by watching him!)

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