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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Far be it from me to call this a partisan circle jerk, but...

You know, when the Speaker of the House goes to the trouble to have a nice graphic posted on his website, and the National Republican Congressional Committee goes to the trouble of making a nice fund-raising website that also sells swag, albeit blissfully not any that actually advertises the 9/11/12 tragedy, and when Congressmen decide they also might want to fund-raise or campaign based on it, well, I have a hard time following along with prosecutor Committee Chairperson Trey Gowdy's claim that this investigation is above partisan fundraising and other bullshit.

Me, I am basically certain that if Democrats decided to withdraw from participation in this particular investigation and claim it was on principle and because this is a partisan circle jerk, they would be called out as "not taking the deaths of four Americans" seriously with hoarse voices and trembling pointy-fingers from people who have not ever had a qualm about ditching responsibility about people who die from stuff like poor access to health care, income inequality, pollution, or insanely permissive attitudes regarding guns. And yes, I am calling it a "partisan circle jerk". I genuinely think that the ideal scenario for the Benghazi-beaters would be an absence of Democrat interference and the fantasy-killing fact-checking thing.  Nah. I think this happy-fun-times really needs a wet blanket thrown over it, and well, wet-blanket is a thing Democrats can do.  I think it's a responsibility.

See, otherwise, the fantasy of the kind of slack-jawed Fox News purveying half-wit that believes Obama smoked a doob rolled in pages of the Bible while watching the attack unfold in the Situation Room with his Commie buddies because he had drone footage and whatnot and followed the carnage with high fives and a trip to Taco Bell would end up being the dominant message. And the end result of the planned circle jerk would be a general bukkake on a handful of Obama Administration officials.

Nope. I say Democrats should just nest right in there like a handful of homely Buzz Killingtons to inject a little saltpeter in the salacity. "Always be cockblocking", or something. I dunno. Let's just not let this farce be fully farcical.

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Seems they don't want anyone to remember the really huge tragedy on 9/11/2001, and how they responded to that one.