Sunday, April 14, 2024

We Support Our Allies


To make a connection that I've certainly made before, while Iran has launched Shaheds in the direction of Israel, those same weapons are used by Russia in Ukraine. I still see the connection of the particular date that Hamas made their horrific terrorist attack on Israel with a certain anniversary. My feeling about our support for Israel and Ukraine is that they are a part of the same war against western-style democracy, and we support our allies, even if we do not always agree with them. I don't think that's unreasonable. This is simply what we must do to demonstrate our word as a nation means something. 

President Biden has made clear that he supports our allies. Republicans, who have dithered and lied and used assorted rationales for holding up aid to Ukraine and Israel and Taiwan, now want to say things escalated, somehow, some way, because of something to do with this administration. 

I don't actually even beg their pardon to hear them repeat what they no doubt will--it's obscene. They have literally demonstrated the weakness of this country by way of their being hyperpartisan obstructionists standing in the way of progress because they see it as a "win" for Joe Biden. While our actual allies could and are suffering harm. 

Republicans want to front that this would not be happening if Trump was in charge. Huh? They are following HIS lead in not approving appropriate aid to these conflict zones, just the way they are failing to support closing the border--because he asked them to, because it's an election year, because he, and they, are essentially nihilists who can't be believed when they say anything. 

But moreover, we were in a similar situation where a very mad President Trump assassinated Iran General Soleimani, and, no love to Soleimani, but this resulted in an actual attack on the US--rocketing one of our bases. Trump went on to downplay the head trauma of our affected warriors, a chilling foretaste of his playing down Covid-19.

There is simply no rendering of events where this is either WW3 (WTF!) or anything we should feel fucking petrified about. This is about ME alliances coalescing in a way that is not great for the Iran/Syrian/Yemen axis. 

Tonight's blogpost was supposed to be about tiny little Mike Johnson lying about illegal voting at Mar-a-Lago, and how it echoes Russia's active measures.  

Just so we are clear--this is very related. We just don't know how corrupted Republicans actually are, but by their own words, it does seem like--VERY. Even to the extent of harming our own allies, our own national security, our future?

Do they even see this is what their support of Trump/Russia leads to? Have they forgotten Russia is Iran/Syria's ally and what they have done to destroy whole areas of the ME world? (And what Trump did in his Administration to allow that to develop?) 

But I would trust Biden to handle this complicated situation over idiot Trump a million times over based on his character and experience, and simply do not trust someone who would say otherwise for any reason, but least of all if they were fool enough to actually BELIEVE it. 


Dan Kleiner said...

i mean, it goes without saying but hell.. they're full of shit. russia was in ukraine the entire length of dingus con's regime. the russians took crimea and the donbas region in 2014.

derp furor did NOTHING.

what. the. fuck. are. they. TALKING about?

Vixen Strangely said...

Republicans have gone decidedly "post-truth." But Trump didn't do "nothing" re: Ukraine. But of course Trump actually did worse than nothing--he tried to hold up aid just like Putin's lil' Johnson is doing now.

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