Sunday, April 14, 2024

Chris Sununu Shows his Ass


"Smug arrogance" is one way to say "weaponized cowardice".  To the degree Sununu is smug--he thinks he has threaded some complicated needle and straddled the razor wire fence of disagreeing with Trump but supporting him with no undue damage to his scrotum. 

I beg to differ. Sununu thinks this because he is a numbnuts who hasn't felt his balls for a long time and is smug because he thinks he has done enough to appease the Trumperati without getting blowback for previous criticisms. What he has actually done is shown his whole ass, and we can view the scar that reveals where his spine was surgically removed, thus leaving him with no neck to speak of and a head only kept somewhat level by a collar around his little kitten neck marked "Trump's Baby Kitten."

Sometimes baby kittens are fed, sometimes baby kittens are drowned because they are too backwards or unwanted to live. 

When I say Sununu's cowardice is "weaponized" --here's the old-timey aphorism of it: All that evil needs to prosper is for good men to do nothing. He's not even decent enough to do nothing--he supports a man whose litany of evils goes for days. He knows the man is unfit and corrupt, but will support him for his own temporary ambitions, and to hell with the future of the country if Trump fucks up--which he will, because Sununu knows full well Trump has, already, failed this country before because of his great faults.

He knows what Trump is--and deliberately tries to normalize him all the same, as if his party is not so fucked up for following him. It sure is, though. 

Adam Kinzinger knows that full well as a conservative person who is young enough to have had a hell of a political career before him, but decided honesty was the better part of valor. Same thing for Liz Cheney with one hell of a conservative pedigree behind her. 

Ideologically, these two shouldn't be my natural political bedfellows, but belief in democracy--small d democracy and small l liberalism, and the promise of the Constitution, overrides partisanship because if you are loyal to your country, yes the premise your damn country starts with should be that thing. 

Trump wants to hug the flag and violate the Constitution. He saluted the national anthem (though he doesn't know all the words) but desecrates the rule of law every chance he gets. He spoke just recently in PA about how he would like to set elections for himself despite the Constitution. 

I won't doomsay Sununu--cowards often prosper to the degree they are willing to be an accomplice to. But I cannot wish him well, and I hope his would-be voters smell the craven soullessness that he espoused today. 


Ten Bears said...

"Smug arrogance" is one way to say ... I've been a bit concerned of late about the way these cretins are traveling under the assumption they are "winning" ~ that this thing is in the bag and they are going to "win!" In particular every time I hear one of them spouting off about "democrats rigging ... "

I think there may be more to this than meets the eye

Vixen Strangely said...

Yeah, there is a moment every now and again where I wonder if they aren't just being wildly optimistic and actually have a plan. They will adopt Trump's strategy of claiming victory regardless of the voting.

Dan Kleiner said...

i mean, obviously they're going to try to steal the election again. but i think their overconfidence springs from the epistemological bubble they've sealed themselves in.

they don't hear about the revulsion the snooze criminal causes. they don't hear about the endless lawbreaking. they don't hear the fact checking of the endless lies. to the extent that they're AWARE, as far as they're concerned, any, ANY dissent stems from a fucking, fact-less "derangement syndrome".

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