Friday, April 12, 2024

TWGB: Trump Lies For Love and Money


At some point during Holy Week, Trump took on the role of Good Shepherd. At some future point, I wonder if his fan cub realizes that shepherds aren't just at home with shearing but enjoy the odd tidbit of lamb. His fundraising has been abusive, especially revolving around the "Save America" concept of raising money to "prove" the voter fraud and try to get back into power, his stans might think, through some legal maneuver. (Never happened, right?) But basically, none of the funds had anything to do with proving election fraud--there just wasn't any. It's paying for Walt Nauta's legal fees

The reason I point this out is because the RNC is now running robocalls talking about massively unproven (debunked even!) 2020 voter fraud. There's no new proof of any fraud. Actually, things being what they are, there is no reason to believe that voter laws necessarily benefit Democrats if Republicans could also use them as cheat codes. (We know Republicans do engage in voter fraud.) You know and I know they still aren't doing anything about voter fraud--no matter what lil' Mike Johnson and Trump say about voter integrity at Mar-a-Lago (you know, the place where the loser of the 2020 presidential contests was found to have a pallet or so worth of classified shit). 

So, here's a funny addendum to that--Lara Trump's sub genius husband tells us every time his Daddy walks into a courtroom, he earns $million$. In campaign cash that he can't use as personal expenses, just legal fees right? Right? Who knows? If all of Eric Trump's functioning brains cells were laid end to end, an enterprising ant would carry them off for a short breakfast. Does he mean that Daddy Trump is getting pity bucks for frequently tripping over his own dick even if he's hung like a watch battery?

I don't know about YOU, but that's how I WOULD PUT IT.

But in real life, it is likely Trump is a little bit scared of being revealed as a serial abusive philanderer and sex pest who has to pay to hush up his indiscretions because they are like whoa!  It might actually turn off evangelicals, if their pastors weren't already like that. (I said it.) 

Do you know how much he wants his followers' money--I think $DJT is a good indicator of it. This stock is what is described as a memestock or like crypto, it's based on vibes, not the verifiable financials of the stock. It's been on a downward slide. Trumps cofounders want to break the six-month lock out on selling shares. They know most savvy investors will figure out what the stock is really worth and they want out. Trump on the other hand feels like his people will keep the price about what he needs to net more shares before he breaks the lockout and sells. 

Because you would have to be high to think he's hodling until after the election. His ass has real shit including criminal trials going down between now and the election. He needs money. HE is getting it from the sheeples. C'mon-why is there a "corporate coup"? Because scammers are trying to figure out how to get the most for their scamming. 

The IPO was always about Trump fans buying in, and losing money and not minding it because they are sheep. They love their shepherd, and being fleeced. He scritches their little ears and makes them feel safe and warm. And when I examine the $DJT feed on Twitter, it looks like some newbie investors blame anyone but Trump and the quality of the business for the slide. Clearly liberals and deep Wall Street fraud are to blame. They can't admit it was a pig in a poke any more than they can admit he is a shit presidential candidate. 

But he really is the worst investment ever. A proven loser. 

He wants to pretend Joe Biden is both unable to put two sentences together and is also the mastermind of the lawfare against him--no, Biden doesn't manage the various jurisdictions he's getting griefed in. Grand Juries and trails of evidence are his real problem. They are fucking up his campaign because he never should have started one with his baggage. What a fucking clown. 



Bruce said...

he's hung like a watch battery?

Hung like Einstein, smart as a horse.*

*with apologies to horses.

Vixen Strangely said...

Einstein wasn't a slouch AFAIK, but I won't deride horses by comparing their intellect to Trump--they at least have "horse sense". Mr. Ed talks better and any given horse on any given day can do math better than Trump.

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