Monday, November 27, 2023

Nearly Speechless (added a little more)


The above picture is the kind of thing I'm seeing on Elon's Musk's digital landfill, and I don't know what's worse:

1) Someone can actually take a look at a still PR photo from a terrorist group's hostage exchange and project bilge like "this is a look of appreciation and thanks."

2) That someone is anti-Semitic enough to not believe any such thing, but will use it for trolling purposes anyway.


3) Someone is just out there saying: "I like engagement and I don't care how I get it!" 

Each of these ways of posting is deeply wrong, and that it could be a combo platter of them is also pretty disturbing.

And yes, I'm seeing things like that on both sides of the issue, but this example was particularly egregious. 

Would it KILL people to try not to be disingenuous attention freaks on the damn internet? Because when nothing a person says can be trusted as even one's actual belief, just a nasty little play, it's just noise....

UPDATE: Here's another thing:

A certain congresswoman liked this post--Biden's negotiations have gotten aid to Gaza moving, got the temporary ceasefire, and an extension of it. And to "convince" him to do more, they are going to...accuse him of starving Gaza.

His name isn't Bibi Netanyahu. He's not personally starving anyone. He's not the one who called for siege warfare, and yes, the implications of it are horrendous and Biden's open support of Israel might be hard to square with disapproval of Israel's tactics. That said, Israel isn't exactly just at war with Hamas and a ceasefire goes both ways. The US isn't a participant in Israel's war other than providing aid (and shouldn't be, thanks, Senator Cotton!) But it has been the recipient of a number of attacks in the Middle East during this period. 

I don't begrudge the protesters a hunger strike though. It beats vandalizing libraries. But the lying about what the president is doing (or worse yet, the disinformation that makes them incapable of accepting it as true) are, once again, disturbing. The people who would happily inform us "Israel is not the 51st state" expect the President to have more control over a separate country than he has over, I don't know--Texas. It makes little sense. 

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